10 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

By on October 18, 2019

In driving sales for a company using content marketing, even experts can overlook some aspects. This article summarizes some of the very basic, but important factors marketers ignore in their content marketing strategy in 2019. Along with these marketing, mistakes are actionable tips to ensure the improvement of your strategy.

Inaccurate Knowledge of Your Audience

Knowing your audience, and what it wants is very important emeditor 다운로드. Where 55% of customers claim most of the content they get is not relevant to them, posting useful content would put you several steps ahead. However, you can’t do that until you know your audience. For web content, Google Analytics gives you insights into posts that gave you the highest traffic. The ads system on Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter also enables you to be able to set a specific audience to target your message for maximum effect 참새들의 합창.

Failure to Establish Focus

Brands successful with content marketing know that they can’t be everything at once. It’s much better first determine niches to focus on, depending on the type of audience you have. Lisa Mattson, director of marketing and communications, Jordan Vineyard & Winery says this about her company:

For seven years, we put out blog posts that showed how diverse Jordan Winery was as a business – posts about cooking, gardening, farming, floral design, travel, winemaking, construction, and news. This kept us from maintaining a loyal subscriber base. 

They were able to address this problem by creating two different blogs with an exclusive focus on food and travel, and winemaking 페르소나4.

Little or No Leverage on ‘Evergreen’ Content 

Evergreen content is a type of content that is bound to remain relevant for years to come. When crafting content, be sure that all you are doing is not just finding trends to contribute to. That might shoot your traffic up, but only for a short while. Evergreen content, on the other hand, will continue to generate significant site traffic even for the next 3-5 years. And if they will ever become obsolete, it will take a really long time 갤럭시 s7 유심 다운로드.

Underutilization of Multimedia 

Most people i.e 72% of people now access the Internet through their mobile phones. Knowing that large blocks of content are not everyone’s favorite who’s reading on a mobile device. Therefore, you have to spice up your content up with images, infographics, and videos. Visually attractive posts appear friendlier and generate more views 영화 의형제.

A study at the Wharton School of Business found out that 67% of participants were persuaded into action by verbal content with visuals. Infographics particularly compress large information into actionable easy-to-remember tips. A case for video content? Well, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. So…don’t just use plain text for all your posts if you want maximum engagement.

Wrong SEO Techniques Application

Every successful content marketer knows how important SEO is 화정 15회. Search engine and keyword optimization for your blog posts done rightly would increase your site’s ranking on Google. This means more people will notice your brand and you’ll get more traffic as you attract (potential) customers. To achieve success, SEO and content marketing have to work together. Simple SEO techniques like placing keywords correctly can transform the status of your business. Also note, applying SEO does not mean you would compromise on quality 안드로이드 어플 무료. You see great content on the first page of Google every now and then. Just know that they didn’t get there magically. It takes deliberate strategizing.

You Don’t Have Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

SEO done right would bring your site traffic, a lot of traffic. Howbeit simply having a lot of traffic does not do much for your business if you don’t know how to leverage it. Your site would only pass off as just another interesting platform for engaging content gp6 다운로드. The purpose of content marketing is sales, right? That’s why it’s marketing. Therefore, you need to look beyond simply providing interesting content; you need to make sales. You do this by having calls-to-action throughout your site.

A call-to-action motivates the audience into becoming active customers. Your blog content should not be just to provide information; it should be for spurring site visitors to do something.

You Don’t Have a Mailing List

Also, your strategies may be failing because you don’t have a consistent audience ncl 다운로드. This is remedied by collecting emails of site visitors and sending them personalized information from your site regularly. Many marketers do this by enticing users with something free, usually an ebook and asking permission to continually send them messages.

Jeff Bullas, a renowned marketer, claims to have lost 100,000 customers for failing to leverage the traffic coming to his site to build a consistent customer base. Later on, upon discovering this, he was able to amass more than 160,000 emails accounts as his content target base.

You Don’t Leverage Social Media

The Global Digital Report 2019 states that about 3.5 billion people in the world are on social media; that’s 45% Download Ms Spartan! Therefore, if you really want a successful content marketing strategy, you have to reach people on social media. Social media affords you the unique opportunity of interacting directly with your customers. Many brands today maintain active accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. for this very reason. If you don’t already, then it’s time to stop missing out.

Inconsistent Marketing Strategy

If you already have a multi-channel marketing strategy, then what is important is that you maintain consistency across the board. This doesn’t stop with your message but down to your content structure, design and even colors. By maintaining this, you are reinforcing the awareness of your brand in the minds of your audience which subsequently increases your visibility and reputation. When next they see your company’s colors or your unique designs, they can immediately associate it with you, without even reading the post yet.

You Don’t Prioritize Quality

While implementing all the tips above though, you must note that they wouldn’t be effective if your content is not of high quality. Content quality remains the most important search engine success factor. Google’s search engine algorithm is targeted at the most important sites in terms of quality and relevance. Let quality be the filter through which all your posts pass before they are published. It is everything.

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