10 Email Marketing Stats That Will Blow You Away

By on August 6, 2013
Email marketing

Email marketing was one of the first official forms of social media online. Though social platforms and new technology have come and gone since then, email has remained a valuable part of any social strategy get up. Today I’m going to share with you some amazing facts about email that still makes selling there a top priority.

Stat #1: 43% of Email Recipients Spam Mails With Bad Email Addresses

If you are going to send a quality email to your lists, make sure it’s from a reliable email account winmax 반주기 다운로드. Most of the time Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo accounts are associated with spam.

Stat #2: 64% of People Open The Email if The Subject Line is Good

Subject lines are therefore one of the key elements to work on when drafting your sales emails, newsletters and other marketing materials sent via email Autocad 2013.

Stat #3: 84% of People Age 18-34 Use an Email Preview Pane

A preview pane gives your email recipients a chance to see what’s inside your mail 앨빈과 슈퍼밴드. If you are not getting interactions or responses, perhaps your content needs work.

Stat #4: 44% of Email Recipients Purchase Due To Promo Emails

At least one purchase is made per year based on quality promotional emails You shouldn't be without. This means that almost half of your list will buy if you do your research and focus on quality.

Stat #5: 56% of Businesses Will Increase Their Email Marketing in 2013

According to The Small and Midsize Business Email Marketing Survey of 2013, more than half of all companies intend on expanding their use of email this year Download Windows Server 2003. This is because email is still one of the most effective ways to sell online.

Stat #6: 82% of Consumers Open Company-Sent Emails

If you have a company mailing list, people are far more likely to read your emails Rix Square Gothic font. That means your content inside the email has to be excellent to get leads and sales.

Email marketing

Courtesy of crm.prospectsoft.com

Stat #7: Epsilon Suggests Half an Email List is Truly Active

According to Epsilon, only half of your email list will click or interact with your email in any way, and that’s if you have a quality email marketing plan college textbook.

Stat #8: 58% Open Rate When Your Subject Line is Less Than 10 Characters

If you are struggling to get your subscribers to open your emails, try using subject lines that are shorter than 10 characters long chrome web browser. These emails are opened more often.

Stat #9: 70% of Email-Sent Coupons Are Utilized

In a study conducted by Blue Kangaroo in 2012, 7 in 10 people said they had used an email coupon or discount that was sent to them in the past week 지금 무료.

Stat #10: High Average Return on Investment For Email Marketing

Experian recently suggested that for every $1 spent on email, the average return is about $44.25, making it a high return marketing platform.

As you can see, email marketing is far from dead. It’s only just getting started. One-on-one communication is still the most reliable way to improve customer retention and sales. If your business needs to focus on social income, then perhaps it’s time you took a hard look at your email marketing system. It can be an invaluable social marketing tool!

Do you use email marketing as an element in your social media strategy?

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