10 Exciting Ways To Use Facebook Embedded Posts #Facebook

By on September 22, 2013

Facebook recently launched their embedded posts feature, which allows small businesses to embed any Facebook posts on a website that they own. Use them on your business website, blog or sales pages and you may unlock the secret to gaining more exposure without being directly on Facebook Download the pod player. Today I will show you how they can be used! Check out our full training course on Facebook advanced strategies here, and start to make a difference to the ROI of your Facebook pages 워크래프트 소설!

#1: Add Value To Other Websites

You are not only able to embed any posts from Facebook, but people will be looking to embed yours as well vray 2014 다운로드. Give them a reason to add your post to their website. Make it topical, powerful and match great words/quotes/lessons to a striking image.

#2: The Marketing Feedback Post

Simply create a Facebook post that asks people the right poll questions, or requests marketing feedback from them about your products or services 별에서 온 그대 영어자막 다운로드. Then embed your marketing survey post directly next to your products and services on your website for extra opinions!

#3: Collect Unsolicited Testimonials

When your business exposure grows you will notice that people say great things about your brand – just because they appreciate you binding of isaac. When this happens, embed that post! It makes for great additions to your sales pages and can significantly increase digital product sales.

#4: Create ‘The Greatest’ Lists

If you are looking for more virality with your embedded posts, start creating lists of things in your niche that people want to know about Arc Survival free. These lists are very engaging and will be shared far and wide all over the internet.

#5: The New Like System Post

If you need to get more likes on your Facebook page, embed some of your best posts on your blog or website to gain additional off-site community likes 파라노이악. Posts that work well have already sparked discussion and engagement on the platform itself.

Facebook embed

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#6: Rampant Downloads On Your Website

If you sell digital products or need to promote an ebook – using an embedded post is a great strategy Download the emulating game. Make sure that your Facebook post is attractive, with strong calls to action and clean images. Then embed it on your sales pages, blog and website. (Get your blog network to embed it on theirs as well)

#7: Get More Sign-Ups For Your Email List

If you struggle to get people to sign-up to your email list, try a different route Download quick player. Create a great image, and a track-able link – then craft a Facebook post inviting fans to sign-up. Embed this post directly on your blog or website to encourage more people to become members of your list 여권 사진.

#8: Improve The Virality Of Your Business Apps

If you have invested in a business app, cross promotion using your Facebook embedded posts will increase the free downloads – leading to more revenue via advertising, in-game currency, or in-app purchases.

#9: Embed Some Competition Gold

Everyone loves a nice Facebook competition, only problem is that sometimes small businesses have limited entries because of their relatively small networks. Create an entry link and embed it on your websites and blog for more entries (and email sign-ups, downloads, SMS list sign-ups and more!)

#10: The Ultimate Events Announcement Post

Finally, you can use your Facebook embed function to create a post about your upcoming event – that you can then embed on your owned properties. People will be able to like your event from your websites, join the event, and click to your timeline to find out more. The Facebook embed function will no doubt be the next big thing to be split tested consistently by brands for the next few months. I predict that these little posts will have quite a significant impact on conversion, especially with events, promotions and email lists. What do you think of the new Facebook embed function – will you use it?

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