10 Inspiring Ideas for Your Content Marketing

By on November 1, 2017

We all know this mantra of digital marketing: “Content Is King“.

Creating a quality content is essential if you want to garner a solid presence in digital media, but sometimes inspiration fails and it is hard for us to find ideas for our content plan.

So that this does not happen again, I’ll give you 10 inspiring ideas for your content marketing.

10 Tips for Your Content Marketing Plan

Use them conscientiously and value those that you think will really be necessary nvidia 그래픽 드라이버 다운로드. In some cases you will be able to apply all these tips to your content strategy, but in other cases you will see that your brand only needs you to apply a couple of the ideas presented here. Come on!

1 # Use the FAQ to create content on your blog

Think about the 20 most frequently asked questions about your product or service and how you could answer them in a didactic way I downloaded Nana. You already have ideas for 20 posts! Besides being a great source of useful content, this will help you save time in customer service: the next time you are asked one of these questions, you will only have to send the corresponding link.

2 # Include GIFs in your emails to show special offers

GIFs are back in fashion thanks to social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp Official download of Windows 7. It is a simple way to communicate with images, easy to remember and that speaks to Internet users in their own language. Do not miss this opportunity!

Mini tip: One of my favorite bank of GIFs is Giphy.com. In it, you will find animated images on any subject 트립어드바이저 도시. It’s rare that you will not find the one you need to illustrate your content.

3 # Partner with influencers to create video content

Video content is one of the most attractive for users, but also one of the most difficult to produce. Therefore, a good way to create video content is to associate with YouTube influencers.

Criticisms and opinions about products, but if you need inspiration to go further, you can take a look at the new campaign of the American brand Wendy’s.In any case, remember that a good “casting” is essential: choose the YouTubers that are really in touch with your audience Download internet photos.

4 # Take advantage of the power of memes on Facebook

A meme is, by definition, a viral phenomenon. Is there an image or video circulating on the wall of all your friends? How could you take advantage of it in a humorous way for your brand? Be creative and remember that the goal here is not to sell, but to like.

5 # Do not forget the hashtags

Twitter hashtags are used to classify your publications and increase their visibility 헤비 스매쉬. Although it is usually not a good idea to blatantly exploit the topics of the day, you can use them to talk about your brand in a humorous way and connect with your audience. Beware of those who refer to political or potentially offensive issues. If you can find the right combination of tweet and hashtag, you can make your brand reach thousands of people in a single publication Download UPlay.

Mini tip: Remember that hashtags are no longer only Twitter. You can also use this same strategy on other social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+. Although where they have more impact after Twitter is on Instagram, according to my experience.

6 # Make an entry in your blog about your mistakes and failures

Failures, mistakes and blunders usually learn much more than easy hits 웹 해킹 파일. Often brands and companies strive to give an ideal image of themselves, but the truth is that we all make mistakes and too much perfection is not credible and can get tiresome. So dare to talk about your mistakes in your blog! Your readers will appreciate your sincerity.

7 # Includes screenshots of your social networks in your emails so your users can see what they are missing

It has always been said that “an image is worth a thousand words” and today is more true than ever Download the english music. If you want to encourage the readers of your newsletter to follow your social networks, do not limit yourself to putting the Twitter and Facebook icons at the bottom of each email. Instead, explain the campaigns and promotions that you are doing through your social networks and include screenshots where you can see them.

8 # Organize a webinar with the Google Hangouts tool

Training is one of the most valuable content you can give your followers 내 데이터 다운로드. In what is your company expert? Think about how you can express that expertise through a 30-60 minute talk and use the Google Hangouts tool to organize it. This way you can interact directly with the attendees and answer their questions, all in real time and for free. A great opportunity to position yourself as an expert.

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9 # Ask fans of your Facebook page what topics they would like to find on your blog

When the inspiration to create new content weakens, asking the followers of your brand through social networks is a resource that never fails. So you not only get new ideas, but you will make your fans feel heard and valued.

10 # Reuse your content by programming tweets throughout the year

Sometimes we become obsessed with publishing new content when we have a blog or web full of articles that have not received all the attention they deserve. That’s why we suggest you take a good look at your files and think about what content deserves to be published again and when is the best time to do it. Then, program your tweets with a Hootsuite tool and let your content spread by itself. 

I hope all these tips have helped and inspired you to give a new approach to your content plan.

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