10 Keys To Professional Networking: LinkedIn Edition #LinkedIn

By on February 8, 2014
professional networking LinkedIn

For professional networking, LinkedIn is without a doubt one of the best platforms that you can use in the social media space today. That is why I thought it might be a good idea to create a post detailing what the ten ‘keys’ to successful professional networking may be Bear Picker. If you aren’t using these keys, then you aren’t networking properly!

If you need to improve your LinkedIn networking skills then pay close attention to the follow industry approved best practices Download Internet Explorer 9. Half of doing the right thing, is not doing the wrong thing!

#1: Use your tertiary education institution as a center point for gaining new network contacts 천자문. LinkedIn’s Alumni tool is a great starting place.

#2: Try to connect with target industry leaders that can be a source of great information for you Windbg exe. In professional networking, LinkedIn experts hate getting ‘standard’ messages, so customize yours, be polite and explain how you are connected.

#3: Do NOT ever cold email new expert LinkedIn members that have joined your network 원피스 전권. Only contact them with a very specific, non-intrusive question or request. No spam!

#4: LinkedIn is about your career, so use your profile to let other LinkedIn users know who you are in your field 카카오페이지 한번에. Include specific media that will enhance your credibility in top circles.

#5: Upgrade to a professional account – free accounts are nice, but they do not let you see who has looked at your profile recently, which can be great for networking Sketchup 2017. Plus you can email anyone with pro.

professional networking LinkedIn

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#6: Always use correct grammar, be polite and maintain a professional tone 네트워크 드라이브 다운로드. If you give advice, mention why you are qualified to give that advice for a boost in return comments.

#7: Do NOT go around endorsing every stranger that accepts your request Cultural Broadcasting Corporation. Endorse only people you know about, and request endorsements from people that you meet on the business platform. Advice totally counts as experience.

#8: Create a strategic process for your small business, when cold sourcing new business contacts 50 Shadow Liberation. Create media and keep all emails short and sweet. Do not send the same email to multiple contacts or you will get a flood of lost connections.

#9: With professional networking, LinkedIn allows its users to join closed groups. Some of these are really great, so try to make the right contacts to find these closed, exclusive groups in your industry.

#10: Engage in what your LinkedIn community members share in their activities feed. Like and comment often, for a higher return on your social investment.

With these ten keys to professional networking, LinkedIn success is just a few months away. Remember the people on LinkedIn are there to network, and they expect a certain level of formality and professionalism. That means leaving your text speak and bad social practices at the door, or risk the consequences on a public platform!

How do you network with people in your LinkedIn groups?

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