10 Latest Facebook Mobile Site Stats To Be Thankful For #Facebook

By on November 27, 2013
Facebook mobile site stats

Facebook mobile site stats are important, perhaps more important than the average small business owner realizes. That is why today I am taking a sneak peek at some of the most revealing statistics collected and stored this year by top influencers and companies Taiwan server. These stats tell us a lot about next year, and that’s something to be thankful for this thanksgiving!

Facebook mobile is how people connect to the social network via their smartphones and devices Download The War of the Royal Cruelty Flowers. Is the future of Facebook going to be mobile? Let’s take a look.

#1: 78% of Facebook’s 128 million US users, are using the platform via their mobile phone 알집 7.4. An overwhelming majority of your Facebook fans are seeing your page on their phones!

#2: Overall Facebook mobile site stats hit 469 million, up from 425 million Download Little Forest. That’s a 10.3% increase in people using Facebook on their mobile phones, in the world!

#3: As of now, there are 142 million Facebook daily active users in the US and Canada Download the xcode simulator. With roughly 348 million people, Facebook has yet to reach 206 million people. Mobile could do it!

#4: 71.5% of monthly US Facebook users return every day 넷 버스 다운로드. The mobile app may be the reason they are able to login multiple times in a single day.

#5: Techcrunch reports that 48% of daily Facebook users are already mobile-only Download pikachu movies. A tipping point has been reached and mobile technology is overtaking desktop social media.

Facebook mobile site stats

Courtesy of technorati.com

#6: Facebook’s main source of revenue is now from mobile advertising Download the Household App. Some 890 million dollars was earned by Facebook from their mobile ad offerings in 2013. Facebook mobile site stats indicate that mobile advertising will continue to grow in 2014 출장보고서 양식.

#7: One out of every five minutes spent on Facebook is because of an Instagrammer. To leverage the power of Facebook these days, Instagram is a must-have photo tool 센과 치히로의 행방불명 자막!

#8: Facebook and Instagram combined, account for more mobile traffic in the US than Pandora, YouTube, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter, Snapchat and AOL combined.

#9: Facebook mentioned that desktop usage has declined modestly, even though monthly active users has increased. On the whole, mobile is all but replacing desktop networking.

#10: The average number of minutes that users spend on Facebook mobile is hovering at a heady 914 minutes. That’s a lot of time to spend on a phone!

Based on these excellent Facebook mobile site stats it’s clear that the bulk of Facebook users have made the switch over to mobile social networking. With our fast-paced modern lives, people want to stay connected while on the go. That said, does your Facebook page cater to this small-screen mobile audience?

Going into 2014, small business social media managers will need to optimize their Facebook pages for mobile use. Larger, clearer photos, shorter text (or longer more engaging text) and new ways to reach out to the flighty, impulsive mobile user is on the cards for 2014.

This Thanksgiving, think of all the ways your business page can improve because of this information! It’s time to integrate it into next year’s strategy.

How do you plan to reach out to your Facebook mobile users in 2014?

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