The 10 Minute Blog Business Plan: Get It Right! #Blogging

By on February 11, 2014
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Need a blog business plan? In ten minutes you can find out if your business blog idea is worth anything, by putting together this ‘elevator’ plan. Pros in the industry do it when they want to test the efficacy of an idea. For small business owners it’s a great way to find out if your blog is heading in the right direction m-bizmaker 다운로드.

If you need a competent outline for your new blog idea, this is a great resource to use. Just work through the list and make sure that you get it down in text.

Minute 1: The Big Theme Test

For the next minute you need to write down what your blog is about, what it will be called and who your target demographic will be fl studio 무료 다운로드. Be as specific as possible so that you can get a good feel for your theme.

Minute 2: A Competitive Rundown

Now you need to add a competitive rundown to your blog business plan. List five of the largest and most popular blogs in your niche. How can yours be different or add value to the existing readership bases?

Minute 3: The Style Overview

What kind of content are you going to publish on the blog Download the light-painted people? For the next minute, detail whether you will publish news, reviews, opinion or other types of content style on your blog. You should also think about how often you would like to post this content.

Minute 4: The Code Decision

You will need a website and a content management system, so choose your poison – WordPress, Blogger, TypePad or Medium 인센디어리? Choose the one that will suit your blog goals, and decide who will be publishing content there.

Minute 5: The Design Breakdown

Your blog business plan needs details on your design ideas. What color scheme would your blog have? What will it look like? Write down your design-related thoughts. Make sure that your color scheme makes you unique among your competition Download mobile genealogy.

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Minute 6: Decide On Your Budget

Take this minute and decide on what your blog launch budget will be. Then decide on what you will invest in your blog every month. How long until you expect to make money? If you are not sure about costs, use estimates here for now Anxi Castle.

Minute 7: Your Success Check

So far so good, now you have to consider how your blog will be successful. A blog business plan should include several metrics or ‘end goals’ that outline what you consider ‘success’ to be. One example is the size of your blog email list.

Minute 8: The Marketing and Promotion Plan

Briefly outline how you plan on marketing and promoting your blog 영화 화양연화. Will you use SEO? Guest posting? Social media? How will you attract your ideal readership, while at the same time turning them into a revenue stream?

Minute 9: An Operational Imperative

How exactly are you going to run your blog? Part-time? As part of your business? At home? Will you have employees 오대천왕 멋진헛간? Realistically, do you have time to do it alone? Sort out these little operational issues now.

Minute 10: Your Exit Strategy

All good blogs come to an end. Even if yours is successful, one day you may not want to blog anymore. Take this final minute to outline your exit strategy – how will you close your blog AirComics? Will you sell it? Inform your readership in advance? Get it done.

Based on your new blog business plan, do you think your idea has merit? If so, you can start working towards a more complete plan. If not, then it’s back to the idea board. Blogging is all about matching the right idea with the right strategy. A good business blog will thrive because it has a clear direction to follow Download Lollipop for Android.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced, since starting your business blog?

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