10 Simple Ways To Use Evernote as a Social Media Manager #Socialmedia

By on October 8, 2013
social media manager

A social media manager is not only someone that sits behind a computer and works with content, stats and engagement all day, they are also charged with getting out into the real world, to properly introduce their brand to their ideal audience 한컴 타자연습 2010. Today I’m speaking about Evernote, and what a great tool this is shaping up to be for social managers everywhere.

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#1: Prepare a to-do list for your big day out. Any social media manager can use Evernote to quickly and easily prepare an itinerary of tactics for the day Download the Transformers game.

#2: Prepare influencer lists. If you are going to be at a seminar to meet important people you will want to make a mental note of who they are and what they look like in Evernote Download the recital notes.

#3: Influencers in your niche are stars. Use Evernote to grab a rare chance at a quick photo with them to improve your own influencer-status online Download melon songs.

#4: Use Evernote to live-report on the day. You can send real-time photos, notes and other media to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts during the experience Detroit Metal City movie.

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#5: Store your captured sound clips in Evernote all-in drama. Grab unique opportunities to ask an influencer a question about something important, record it and use it in a blog post!

#6: Need to get an influencer to sign-off on a blog post you are doing about them hrd 프로그램 다운로드? With Evernote premium, you can collaborate with them in real time on the mobile app.

#7: Take lots of interesting photos based on your pre-set objectives winscp 다운로드. A good social media manager will have an image strategy in place, and notebooks full of potential blog image content.

#8: Evernote helps you plan your blog posts ahead of time with reminders 역도요정 김복주 1화. Set reminders on your content so that you are better able to give your readership current, interesting pieces.

#9: Record your split tests on Evernote! Create a notebook on split testing and carry your results around with you. It helps with scheduling and strategy when you’re not at the office.

#10: Evernote syncs with Hootsuite, which is awesome. Research becomes so much easier when you have all of your ‘out and about’ pictures, notes and lists inside your Hootsuite dashboard.

Evernote is particularly great with Hootsuite because it allows you to simply and easily create secure once-off web pages that you can share with your social communities. This comes in handy when you want to leverage your newsletter for example.

All you have to do is turn your newsletter into a webpage from within Hootsuite and Evernote, and your Twitter community will instantly have exclusive access to that content. Any wise social media manager will see potential here.

Free giveaways, product launches and your email list can all be enhanced using this tactic. So you see, Evernote is perfect for the ‘out and about’ social media manager that needs a CMS that works and syncs with a quality social management dashboard.

Do you like the look of Evernote, and would you use it to manage your on-the-go social media content?

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