10 Things You Ought to Know About Medium

By on December 6, 2012

Medium is the brain-child of Twitter founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone, but what is it exactly, and can it hope to compete in an ever flooded blogging market Pretty font? These questions and more are answered in today’s post on Medium: The new blogging super-platform.

1. Why Even Create Medium Cultu show mp3?

Medium was created to better connect internet users to certain types of media. The Twitter creators are trying to create a platform that declutters the internet and creates a ‘creative’ space for content producers to work in 라이트룸 2018.

2. Why Haven’t We Heard of Medium Before Now?

Medium is still in beta-phase, and as you know launching a social media site prematurely can mean disaster for the Twitter creators 아이폰 네이버 메일. You can however sign up to check it out, right here at medium.com

3. SMMU Likes It So Far!

With a Pinterest-like front page and beautifully elegant interior pages that make reading a dream, the design is looking good Download the front page.

4. Categories or Blogging Boards

From what we can see, Medium allows you to join ‘boards’ on subjects that you like to blog about Download lync 2010. Then you get to read all the nutritious stuff in there you enjoy, and get great comments and shares from people who also enjoy your topic. Very smart Download Guild of Honors.

5. A Blog Platform Storybook

The only thing I can equate Medium to is the rebirth of individual, personal blogging – but instead of looking inside, it’s about sharing with the world Download the last gift. Gone are the mindless ramblings of the early 2000 blogging days, replaced with meaning, inspiration and human story telling.

6 book cover. Super Platform For Ebook Writers

Right off the bat I can say with certainty that for ebook writers, infopreneurs, authors and other important online publishers, Medium will be a hit Download the form of the family. It’s a stunning place to get backlinks, build a following and take part in some real human exchanges.

7. Love The Profile Design

Any contributors or bloggers on Medium will have their profile page that lays out their blog posts in a neat, Pinterest-like fashion.

8. Really Great Twitter-Like Handles

Do you love your Twitter handle? (@Smmu) then you’re going to love being a blogger on medium. I hate to say it but I think the Twitter creators just made Blogger, Tumblr, TypePad, Jux and Posterous Spaces second best.

9. Pinterest For Bloggers

Have you ever been on Pinterest and wished that you could collect blogs like you do images? Welcome to the future! Medium lets you sort your blogs into collections. There are those that you’ve contributed too, and those you’ve liked or shared.

10. Personality Blogging

It’s nice visiting bloggers on their own websites, but having a blog here is MASSIVE for new bloggers or business bloggers. They’ll get instant exposure, a built in audience and a lot more chance to thrive in the online environment as a successful writer.

So far, we love Medium. Good going Twitter founders!

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