10 Tips and Tactics to Increase Site Traffic Today [Checklist]

By on June 13, 2019

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Getting new visitors on your website can be a challenging for any business, but by with the right effort in the right places, new visitors to your site is inevitable. Here are ten tips that will get your site more search visibility, more traffic and ultimately more new clients.

  1. Get on Google My Business
  2. Make your site user friendly
  3. Make your site responsive
  4. Publish high-quality content
  5. Structure your content
  6. Leverage your social media network
  7. Use Quora and keyword related forums
  8. Increase page speed
  9. Submit articles to high authority blog sites
  10. Publish your content on aggregators

Get on Google My Business

It’s proving to be “The Great Equalizer” for competing businesses by giving the edge to those who are within a closer distance of the person searching. Although it isn’t the only factor that determines the placement of the first three businesses in Google’s local pack, it makes up a good percentage of the ranking criteria Download lotte duty-free shop app. Apart from proximity, a website should be fully optimized in Google’s local directory in order to maximize your website’s visibility for location based searches. That includes geotagging your website and making sure your full address is posted onsite as well as in the metadata.

Make your site user-friendly

There’s nothing more frustrating than looking for a contact number on a website when it should be one of the easiest things to find since it happens to be the most important. The smallest conveniences play a big part in the user experience your website provides. Contact info, payment information and being able to find things on a website have a large impact on how a visitor perceives your site Download Pls2. It would be worthwhile to watch someone navigate through your site and get feedback about their ability to locate information they need and any other hitches that might discourage them from returning.

Make your site responsive

It goes without saying that anything less than mobile-friendly is now an outdated site. In fact all sites that are made now are designed with mobile in mind. Responsive layouts that reconfigure the way your content is displayed on different screen sizes makes reading and navigating through a site much easier 빅스 노래 다운로드. Desktop versions are now the dinosaurs of web design and will soon be extinct on Google’s index. If your website is not mobile friendly you stand to gain a more competitive position by making the switch.

Publish high-quality content

Websites are ranked according to the content that lives onsite. If your website has thin content it won’t perform competitively in the search results. Build a blog to enhance your optimization and provide value to visitors Altium. The purpose of blog content is to build relationships and instill confidence in readers about your company by publishing high-quality content. Give value to your readers by answering frequently asked questions and providing solutions to common problems your potential clients have which have given them reason to seek out answers. When you can adequately provide the solutions they are looking for, you build trust in your company and increase the likelihood of them returning when they are ready to purchase if they don’t convert on the spot.

Structure your content

An effective keyword strategy will group your keywords by search intent which carves out the pages on your site 쿠키런 for kakao. A page containing your main key words and phrases should be supported by articles that delve into deeper details related to your main keyword topic. Each of these supporting articles link back to your main page to make it clear to search engines what main keyword topics your website is about. Structuring your content with “pillar pages” will contribute to a clearer understanding of how your site is organized and optimized which results in improved search visibility.

Leverage your social media networks

Social media can have a huge impact to the traffic your site receives if you’re leveraging the power of its network Arc Survival. Every niche has a preferred platform in which the industry gravitates towards, for example, every retail clothing website uses Instagram. It’s pretty rare to find a company that doesn’t have a Facebook page because of the network it offers.

Commenting and responding to comments will improve the effectiveness of your reach in industry related groups. Take the time to be active within those communities. Post high-quality content that will get shared and not ignored. The more value your posts provide, the further you expand your network which directs more traffic to your site gta 산안드레스 다운로드.

Quora and keyword related forums

People look for solutions related to your industry in Quora and other keyword related forums. Be the expert and answer questions with detailed responses. Well written solutions that answer a question in its entirety serves as a long term stream of referral traffic.

This not only provides a backlink to your website for people to find you, but it gives you an idea about what people are talking about and what topics resonate stronger within your potential clients antman and wasp. Use these issues as content topics in blog articles to address exactly what people are looking for. Targeted topics that you’ve found first-hand from people asking encourages a higher level of engagement in the articles you write onsite.

Increase page speed

Faster is better. Not only will a slow page get you sent back a few spots in the ranking but people don’t like slow loading websites. In order to contribute to a better ranking your sites pages should load in three seconds or less. Anything longer than that and you’re site is considered slow which means you risk losing potential clients and possibly some search visibility 119 remix 다운로드. Use PageSpeed insights to identify where you can speed up your load time and improve your user experience.

Submit articles to high-authority blog sites

One of the most powerful backlinking strategies you can engage in is guest posting. Submit your articles to websites and blogs that will impact the authority of your website. Steer clear of article directories. There are many directories that will accept article submissions and these sites can end up hurting your website’s authority.

Make a list of prospects in your industry that publish content related to yours regularly. Your competitors don’t count Download fire safety standards. You will need blog sites that feature guest authors and have a strong domain authority that will positively affect your own. With a variety of guest post backlinks your websites ranking will skyrocket to the top of the search results and send you volumes of more traffic.

Publish your content on aggregators

Syndicate your article by publishing on content aggregators. As long as you’re using canonical URLs on the posts you’ve already published you won’t receive a duplicate content penalty for reposting on sites like Medium or Buzzfeed. Medium has huge number of subscribers you can leverage with a snappy headline and high-quality article.

Place an emphasis on getting your content in front of the people who are looking for what you offer. Build streams of traffic from sources that take an interest in what you’re offering to produce the greatest results in attracting more visitors to your site.

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