10 Tweetable Twitter Strategies To Grow Your Feed Popularity #Twitter

By on October 3, 2013
Twitter strategies

Twitter strategies are not the easiest to implement for small business social managers because if you don’t have much of a following, split testing becomes very difficult. That is why today I am going to give you 10 of the most practical Twitter strategies I have learned over the years, and they work!

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Twitter Strategies For Small Businesses

These quick strategy tips will help you put together a quality strategy of your own that you can then use to drive your ROI. Twitter is so much easier to use after you have secured your first few hundred engaged followers.

#1: Twitter is a DOING platform. Get out there are make things happen. Take photos. Then tweet about it for increased engagement. #Twitterstrategy

#2: Small businesses should work together for Twitter success. Five real businesses chatting to each other will get engagement rolling. #Twitterstrategy

#3: Keep your Twitter strategy local. Involve real people, real customers. Engage in person and they will engage with you online. #Twitterstrategy

#4: Have 5-10 keywords that you use to ‘listen in’ to what people in your niche want. Learn from other feeds. Be relevant to your audience. #Twitterstrategy

#5: For twice the engagement, include a Twitter image. Unique or personal images work best. Don’t be lazy about quality. #Twitterstrategy

#6: Twitter has a link shortener. It’s nice but people can’t see where your link leads. For increased engagement use [insert destination] in your tweet. #Twitterstrategy

Twitter strategies

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#7: If you want people to retweet your tweets, ask them. Then retweet theirs. On Twitter what you give out is what you get back. #Twitterstrategy

#8: Be present in your space. When people search a certain hashtag, be there – as often as you can. Twitter influencers will notice you. #Twitterstrategy

#9: Guide people to your Facebook, Pinterest or YouTube page by asking them click through to it. Be witty and use cliff-hangers! #Twitterstrategy

#10: Tweet about things that you love about your niche. People love passion, it’s like a magnet. Soon it will bring you other passionate people. #Twitterstrategy

All of these Twitter strategy tips are tweetable. Feel free to use them on your own Twitter page – just reference us please! (@SM_Impact)

As a social manager that only has a limited amount of time to establish your brand on Twitter and then find real engagement, you just don’t have time for poor practices. Twitter can be a really rewarding site if you realize early that bringing the real world to your feed is essential for finding and keeping new followers.

These ten proven Twitter strategies will help you launch your small business on the platform. They are tried and tested ways for you to expand your following, engage and be seen as an influencer by other Twitter users.

Do you know of a quick Twitter strategy that I haven’t mentioned here? Share it with us!

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