10 Ways To Get Facebook Likes

By on March 14, 2013

Getting likes on Facebook is a big part of improving your edgerank score, which in turn will increase your overall interactions. Many businesses get so caught up in comments and shares, that they forget a simple ‘like’ from your fans can go a long way. Today, I’m going to share with you the 10 most innovative ways to get likes on Facebook.

The Science of The Facebook Like System

I was browsing Facebook the other day, when a friend of mine posted a peculiar, but rather tempting, (and ingenious) update 2차 세계대전 타임트랙. I couldn’t help but ‘like’ the post, along with many other people in my network. Likes on Facebook are easy when you can depend on your friends to do them – but for businesses – it takes extra effort.

The update said, “I love the new sound that Facebook makes when you click on the ‘like’ button!”

Immediately this update intrigued me, because it got me to click ‘like’ for a reason other than I genuinely liked the post acronis disk director 다운로드. Of course, no sound happened. But the principle was clear – there is more than one way to get likes for your updates. So began the grand ‘like’ discovery. Here’s what I learned about likes on Facebook 해리포터와 아즈카반의 죄수.

The 10 Easiest Ways To Get Likes For Business Updates

#1: People Are More Likely To Like Strange, Peculiar or Out-of-the-Box Images

Have you ever posted a strange image, just to see what will happen? It helps if your image is somewhat related to your business, but getting likes on Facebook is easier if you combine ‘unusual’ with imagery. Don’t forget to include a thought provoking caption 잊혀진 영웅들.

#2: People Like Food More Than Ideas and Concepts

Take a close look at Pinterest – the entire social platform is built on how much people enjoy liking, sharing and talking about good looking food. Use food analogies on your business page, and snag more likes on Facebook with accompanying yummy food images.

#3: Use a Gimmick or a Play on Words For Likes

Have you ever tried the old ‘like if you support team x’ or don’t like if you hate them, gimmick lg 프린터 다운로드. If someone believes strongly enough in the idea, team, concept or quote that you’re supporting, they would rather like your update than ignore it.

#4: Be Blunt About The Things You Really Like

Yes, you want people to like your updates, but are you giving them people or ideas to like? Try posting an image of a personality in your industry, along with a quote. Then ask your fans if they like this person. This is directly asking to get likes on Facebook – it works 챠우챠우.

#5: It’s a FACT, Links and Teasers Get Lots of Likes

Images aren’t working, updates aren’t working – what is left? Links! Focus on finding some high quality, engaging content and post an awesome link to it on Facebook. Then craft an equally as amazing hook, some insight or a question 알투비. Get likes on Facebook with links!

#6: Put Like Boxes Above All of Your Blog Posts

It’s nice that you’re publishing your blog links on Facebook, but are people liking them? If not, add a like box to your blog. Your readers will be able to like your post immediately after reading it, without even logging in. That’s how you get more likes on Facebook curriculum!

#7: Be Engaging and Innovative As Best You Can

“Only our most valued and successful fans will be able to see and like this update.” What you have here is a compliment, followed by an innovative method of getting more fans to like you on Facebook. Get loads of likes on Facebook when you tempt people into clicking. Another interesting one is ‘Click like for good luck in business all year round.”

Warning cplay 다운로드! Be careful of creating mass ‘chain’ updates though – you can be clever about it, but very infrequently.

#8: Be a Compulsive Liker Yourself

If you like a lot of your fans posts, they will start to value your input, and will like yours in return. In fact, this is such an effective method, often your fans will just see your brand name and like you, without even reading your post. Likes on Facebook can work like this cadpower.

#9: The ‘Click Like If’ Formula That Works Like a Bomb

Even experts over at allfacebook.com recommend that you use the ‘click like if’ method. Create your normal, daily update – then integrate a ‘click like if’ into it. Click like if you agree with X. Click like if you don’t want to see orphans starve. That kind of thing. You’ll be surprised how many likes on Facebook you can get, just by asking for them.

#10: Focus on What Your Fans Care About

Use surveys, polls and marketing materials to determine what it is your fans care about the most. In other words, why did they like your page to begin with? The answer might be ‘to learn how to make more money’ or ‘to find out how to grow herbs.’ Whatever the answer, if you continually answer their core question, they will like it.

Getting likes on Facebook is a real science, but it also requires a lot of creativity. Good and bad posts can get likes, if you know how to prompt your fans to click that little thumbs-up button. Remember, when you get more likes it improves your impressions and more fans will be able to see your posts.

Try focusing on getting more likes on Facebook for a while, and see how it impacts your edgerank score. You’ll know you’re doing something right when people start talking to you on your brand page without any direct invitation to do so. A simple like campaign can make this happen, if you craft intelligent, convincing and tempting updates for your fans.

Why not integrate an interesting like prompt into one of your updates and tell me how it went? I’d love to know how much engagement you get by focusing on your like system.

In the meantime, tell me how you get loads of likes for your updates!

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