10 Winning Hashtag Strategy Tips For Beginners #Hashtagging

By on November 14, 2013
hashtag strategy

A hashtag strategy is still a relevantly new concept for the small business social media manager. Imagine being able to leverage a keyword-specific indexing tool to increase engagement across all of your social media platforms Coreavc! Today I’m going to speak about ten winning hashtag strategies that the pros are using right now.

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#1: Conduct hashtag strategy research using tools like Hastagify.me and Hashtags.org Tekken 7pc. Find different hashtag variants and see who key influencers are for that hashtag.

#2: Campaign hashtags can be used for short or long term sales promotions for your business 디어헌터. Advertise these hashtags for greater campaign reach across social platforms.

#3: Brand hashtags should be used for event promotion on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest 멕클릭 다운로드. They can also be used in real world marketing materials or with mobile advertising.

#4: Some 70% of consumers use hashtags on their mobile phones, and we all know how popular mobile devices are becoming 신화 표적. Creating hashtags for mobile users now will definitely mean increased engagement later.

hashtag strategy

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#5: Know what you want your hashtag to do 작업의 정석. Hashtag strategy can range from basic indexing, to cross promotion, automation, traffic sourcing and live event hosting.

#6: Use hashtags in your blog post titles to better describe your content for your readers 오피스 2010 체험판. It will help them quickly pick posts from your ‘suggested, new or popular’ areas. They also make your blog titles highly tweetable.

#7: A good hashtag strategy leads people to new, exciting content Download the mame emulator. Pick an inspiring, emotional hashtag to connect with your readers during holiday season.

#8: Use hashtags to organize your social content schedule, by dividing content into logical areas, then planning themes around them Lineage 2m.

#9: Choose hashtags to promote certain individuals in your company. A blogger for example, could use his name with a hashtag in order to promote any content he publishes. He could ask other bloggers to use his hashtag when he guest posts.

#10: Great hashtags will help you find and curate better content for your social content networks. Use hashtags to label important content that you’ve shared.

These 10 winning hashtag strategy tips will help you streamline and optimize your new social content this month. Used correctly, these hashtags will improve PR interactions everywhere, while simultaneously helping more people to find and enjoy your creative content. They have the added bonus of being fun to use, nearly all the time.

As a small business social manager, you should identify at least 10 hashtags that can be used in strategic ways next year. A catchy hashtag can often do a lot more for your brand than a clever slogan! Hashtag strategies are on the rise, and for good reason – this is one bandwagon that is moving fast, so prepare to hop on.

Where do you use hashtagging most often? Twitter? Instagram? Facebook?

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