10 Powerful Tips To Stimulate Facebook Fan Interaction

By on February 1, 2012

Facebook has changed quite a lot over the last few months. What hasn’t changed is your need to reach out to your fans, to prompt interaction on your fan page Download IS6. This is the only way you can build a community and eventually convert them into buying fans.

The best Facebook pages in the world are constantly busy – each update crowded with likes, shares, comments and links Download The Wise Bread Life. Today, we’re going to teach you how to increase interaction on your page, with these 10 powerful tips.

#1: Personalize Each Update

People like to communicate with real people – so sign off each post with a name 매매계약서 양식 다운로드. Speak directly to your fans, not in the third person, to get better responses. Use multiple names to add a new dynamic to your Facebook community.

#2: Update Headlines

The first sentence of your update should be like a headline 목격자 2018 다운로드. Its sole purpose is to capture the attention of your fans, and to prompt some sort of action. Good update headlines are controversial, funny, interesting, strange or they teach something rare Celeste.

#3: Photo Strategy is Best

Every update should contain a photo to increase interaction, and you should select these photos very carefully 나라문장 다운로드. Each of them needs to support your text, or add something special to your update. Don’t add in ‘pointless’ images that say nothing.

#4: Fine Tuned Consistency

Post your updates every single day, at the same time – if you can 위닝일레븐 2019. Fans respond to regularity, and they’ll check in more often if your posts are reliably published. Be consistent in answering questions quickly, never ignore fan engagement 웅장한 배경음악.

#5: Make It About Your Fans

Forget posting too much about your business. Focus on what your fans like, and challenge them to give their opinions to you on important matters 후와린. Fans love to be valued, and asking their opinion is a great way to form steady relationships.

#6: Love Your Fans

Give your fans special access to free stuff, or new products 아날로그 웨딩. Show them that you appreciate their time and effort, and they’ll never stop returning. Free digital products are usually the easiest to distribute.

#7: Puzzles, Blanks and Mysteries

Engage your fan’s minds, by adding in ‘fill in the blank’ posts, or by creating a brand based puzzle for them to solve. Never let a chance to get brand exposure, pass you by. Regular brain teasers to puzzles just aren’t good enough!

#8: Think Like Wikipedia

Become a resource for your fans! Post the best information you can find or create on your page, become indispensable to them. Wikipedia gets it right by offering the most detail in the most consumable, easy to use form.

#9: Offer Free Advice

If you’ve established yourself as an industry leader, offer your advice for free. If you show personal interest in the lives of your fans, they’ll show interest in your business. Spend some time helping fans achieve their goals.

#10: Become a Super Fan

Join as many other pages as you can, and become their best fan. Interact often, and soon you’ll find that their fans are hopping over to your page for some engagement. To be social on Facebook means visiting new locations!

Use these 10 powerful tips to supercharge the interaction that you get on your Facebook fan page.

Which tip is your favorite and why? We’d love some feedback on which tip you found the most helpful!

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