11 Reasons Why Bulk Email Internet Marketing Does NOT Work #Email

By on January 13, 2014
bulk email internet marketing

Bulk email internet marketing is on the RISE, and yet social media marketers are still misusing this early form of social engagement. After receiving my fourteenth unsolicited email this morning, I decided that this week we would focus on all the reasons why bulk email (the spammy kind) does nothing but harm your business.

Many companies are realizing that they need email marketing to generate leads and sales. But there is a right way to send email, and a wrong way. So many wrong ways!

#1: Unsolicited bulk email internet marketing does not work. Some 45% of all emails are spam, and they are rarely opened, read or acted on.

#2: Companies that invest in ‘spam’ bulk emails gain a really bad reputation. At best, you will receive lots of instant ‘unsubscribes’ at worst, angry emails calling you a spammer.

#3: Without a targeted opt-in list, the returns are tragically low. Any bulk email internet marketing consultant will tell you that you are wasting your time.

#4: When you send repeat bulk emails to unsolicited people, they can respond by publically disgracing you online. That means poor reviews which has far reaching consequences.

#5: From the negative responses that customers give you online, you will also experience a dip in online sales. Companies that send more than 5 marketing emails a week can cause all-out war on their social media pages.

#6: Not only does unsolicited bulk email internet marketing cause rage, it also makes it more difficult for opt-in email marketers to get their genuinely thoughtful messages read.

bulk email internet marketing

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#7: Bulk email marketing relies on random names and random people. You cannot correctly market your products or services to ghosts. This is a form of cold calling and it sucks.

#8: If someone does respond to your unsolicited bulk email internet marketing – it is only out of ignorance or frustration. Few people act on unwelcome emails.

#9: As a social media marketer, you should know better than to use this kind of black hat marketing. If people see you using it, your personal reputation will be damaged.

#10: Often companies hire third party email marketing guys to handle their bulk emails – which results in poor grammar, horrible open rates, and a myriad of additional bad practices.

#11: Worst case scenario there is no ‘unsubscribe’ button and you keep spamming people. They will report your email account, and it will go on spam lists. That means in the future, no one will be able to even receive your emails!

These bulk email internet marketing practices are very dangerous for you and your brand online. Always invite people to opt-in to an email list – never, ever buy one! You would be better off creating a Facebook group – and that doesn’t cost any many. As for firing off 2000 unsolicited emails…don’t do it. Just don’t.

Have you ever used unsolicited bulk emails? What were your results? I’m interested to hear them.

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