12 Content Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

By on September 24, 2015

You cannot engage your customer without a proper content marketing strategy. Content marketing focuses on catching the attention of buyers and prospects by providing them with useful information. A content marketing strategy should not sell, but inform. Here are the mistakes to avoid when using content marketing:

  1. Failing to Identify your Target Audience

    If you do not know your consumer, it’s possible that you’re distributing quality content to a group that doesn’t care about your brand 암살교실 2기 자막. You can only write for the right audience if you know who they are and what they expect. What tone is perfect for your audience? What language do they understand? What’s their age? What are their pain points? What do they prefer in their product? When you understand the answers to these questions, you can tweak your content marketing strategy to adequately represent your audience 모의고사 다운로드.

  2. Not Sharing the Content on the Right Platform

    Why should you write quality content only for the content to end up on the wrong platform? Now that you know your audience, find out what platform is most popular with them. Don’t distribute your content on Facebook when your audience are business professionals that mostly use LinkedIn 인기팝송. Be sure to conduct some research. This gives you insight into platforms frequented by your audience.

  3. Failing to Work on Your Titles

    If you craft your headlines poorly, no one sees the need to read through to the body. If for example, you’re sending out a report, blog post, or eBook, their body content will never enjoy readership if their headlines are not compelling Download The Ninano Club. Choose the right keywords for your headlines to grab attention. Don’t sacrifice clarity.

  4. Failing to Personalize Content

    People are more likely to read your content if they can relate to it. For readers to get the impression that “this is my message,” it should be tweaked to fit their location, needs, and expectation. Seek to provide a unique experience to every reader Superbunnyman pc free. This is easily done by developing buyer personas, where you present every buyer type with unique content. Take into consideration the buyer’s buying history, price sensitivity, browsing history, search terms, geo-location, place of work, and much more.

  5. Failing to add calls to action

    To garner immediate responses to your blog posts, emails, or any other content, you need a powerful call-to-action or CTA like “Sign Up” or “Buy Now” windows loader 다운로드. One of the goals of a content marketing strategy is to inspire some desired action. Without a CTA, you’ll never convert your site’s new visitors into quantifiable leads. Make sure that your CTA is clear on your blog post or web page.

  6. Failing to Promote Your Content

    People will never know that you run a blog or any other content distributing platform if you don’t promote such content Ainabi Manual. Why not place guest blogs on popular blogs to reach out to your targeted audience. Use social media and other outlets to inform your audience of new posts. For example, to increase the visibility of your Twitter post, think of how you can mobilize followers to retweet your post and share it with their followers google play 서비스 다운로드.

  7. Failing to Track Conversions

    What’s the need of having a content strategy that you never track? A content marketing strategy should be constantly adjusted to improve those areas known to be non-performing. This is only possible if you have a way of tracking such performance. How many customers convert? Could it be better? The focus should always be on improving this number 나르코스 다운로드.

  8. Failing to Distribute Content Online

    A few years ago, you would survive by simply placing ads in print media—newspapers and magazines. This won’t work today. In this digital age, you need an email list, a social media account or page, a blog, and much more. It’s also important that you reach out to customers who frequent online platforms c1pro 다운로드.

  9. Failing to Research

    For your content marketing strategy to succeed, research is paramount. Once you’ve found out the main problems of your consumers, you need to perform a keyword search to adequately reach them with your content. Doing keyword research ensures that your content gets to the intended people.

  10. Failing to Vary Content with Time

    Don’t just limit your content strategy to blog posts. There are numerous other ways to reach out to your customers, including podcasts, infographics, eBooks, slide presentations, and YouTube videos. Every time you vary your content, it looks fresh, unique, and interesting. One way of doing this is re-purposing one content type into other forms. If you have an eBook for example, you may want to split it up into three, four, or five blog posts depending on the size of the eBook.

  11. Writing for Traffic — NOT Conversions

    Writing for traffic that doesn’t convert is as good as not writing at all. Don’t just focus your content strategy on reaching many people on social media. What if those on social media aren’t concerned about your product? Forget about the traffic and instead think of those people you can turn into interested customers.

  12. Limiting your Creative Scope to Only What You Sell

    If you deal in tablets and computers, you don’t want to just limit your content to tablets and electronics. Why? Your consumers’ likes do not start and end at tablets. Find out what else matters in their life. Do they like sports? If they do, you may want to talk about sports in your blog posts. Broaden your creativity beyond your actual products.

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