12 Festive Statistics That Will Improve Your Social Strategy in 2014

By on December 6, 2013
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Your social strategy in 2014 is going to have to be the absolute best version that it has ever been. Everyone is working with social media now, and testing out various kinds of content strategy Download the vlc player. Your competition is stronger, so you also need to be! Today I’m bringing you 12 statistics about social media that will help you improve your practices next year Download together.

Social strategy statistics are a great way to come to terms with the impending changes that are happening online. Use these as a way to navigate the choppy waters of the cybersea in 2014 Channel w.

#1: Videos on your website landing page increase conversions by 87%. The bottom line is that if you aren’t making YouTube videos for your website, it’s time to start 모털엔진 다운로드.

#2: Social strategy budgets will double in the next 5 years. This proves that social media marketing still has a long way to go, and may be more important than general marketing 천외마경 진전.

#3: 78% of content marketing professionals believe that unique, custom content is the future of marketing. Creating videos, images and other media will be huge in 2014 로그인 없이 jdk 다운로드.

#4: Inbound marketing delivers 54% more leads than traditional marketing. Experts predict that in the coming year brands that take this to heart will pull ahead of competitors Download Label View 8.0.

#5: 52% of social media marketers have found customers via Facebook this year. Social strategy will only improve these numbers.

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#6: If you can get on Google page 1, 33% of all traffic to your chosen keyword will go to you Download mango plate. This makes long tail keywords a major target for small businesses in 2014.

#7: 43% of social media marketers found customers on LinkedIn this year 인터넷 익스플로러. For direct leads there are few sites as powerful for the business market.

#8: Some 67% of B2B content marketers consider ‘events’ the most effective strategy 웹 음악. Clearly, social media content will be sourced from more live events in the New Year.

#9: Google+ is a male dominated network with 68% of users being men, while Pinterest users are 80% female. Market accordingly for greater results.

#10: Some 68% of customers check out businesses on social networks before deciding to buy from them. If your social strategy is not working, improve your network engagement levels.

#11: Google+ is the only social network that has a number of open but inactive accounts from Fortune 500 and 100 companies. These will become active very soon.

#12: 34% of Fortune 500 companies maintain corporate blogs, up from last year’s 28%. Blogs are an integral part of all social strategy campaigns.

With these twelve festive social strategy statistics you can refocus your plans for social media and make the most out of your product sales. You should also be able to grow your communities and gain higher conversions by investing where it matters. In 2014, social strategy should function for the benefit of your bottom line. Does yours?

Which of these social media statistics do think is the most interesting and why?

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