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By on December 16, 2013
blogging for business book

A blogging for business book was once a rare subject that few were writing on. After all, there are a limited number of experts in the field – and not all of them are writers 컴퓨터 절전모드. In 2013 and 2014 we have seen a mountain slide of quality books on blogging. Instead of rushing out to buy them all, here are some key takeaways on the business of blogging for 2014 Hello Coco Mont.

If you are serious about building a great corporate or small business blog, you will need to accept the reality of blogging and embrace several non-traditional roles as a new marketer that is working in the content creation space True image.

What advice would I find in a 2014 blogging for business book?

#1: A blog is a business, which means that the content that you create are your products Download the Google Chrome plugin. Bad products don’t sell, while good products generate buzz, upselling and cross selling opportunities.

#2: Develop a unique brand or blog persona 애플 아이튠즈. It’s not just about being yourself, it’s about being an entertaining, thoughtful and responsible version of yourself online.

#3: Focus on the problem-solution mindset for blogging 게임 어떻게 다운로드. All blogging for business books will tell you that you will hit issues. Learn how to solve them and move on, as quickly as you can. In the cybersea, one small issue can turn into a downed site later on Download Freedom Movie.

#4: Understand the psychology of your readers 무비 메이커. Not everyone likes to read long text. Some like bullet points, short videos, audio clips and slideshare presentations. Some like tweets!

#5: Invest in more than one voice 노인을 위한 나라는 없다 다운로드. Blogging is not an island – you must have more than 1 voice on your blog. Invite guest bloggers or develop a crowdsourced content strategy.

blogging for business book

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#6: Moving forward sometimes means leaving old practices behind 갤럭시 그랜드 맥스 다운로드. Try new things, test them on your blog in 2014 and don’t get stuck on content YOU enjoy, it’s about your readership.

#7: Know your blogging for business goals. Then tier them according to their importance and practical implementation. All of your content should be geared towards your goals.

#8: Establish a continued line of authority. Social media is fast, and credibility can be lost instantly. Feed your readers reasons why you are active in your niche, and offer social proof as evidence or you may lose them to another blogger.

#9: Work on your SEO efforts by leaving your old ‘link’ processes behind and refocusing on engagement with your community. You want comments in 2014. Lots of comments.

#10: Stop looking at yourself and start looking at your readers. Do you even ask them what kind of blogs they want to see on your website? Start doing that, it matters.

#11: Expand your guest post reach by teaming up with other successful niche bloggers. Even a mention on a top ranking blog can get you lots more traffic and engagement.

#12: Learn to identify new trends in your niche, then capitalize on that content, on your blog. Blogging for business books always prompt readers to have blog ‘mentors.’

With these awesome blogging for business book tips you should be able to avoid slogging through 15 new texts in January while STILL getting your business blog off to a good start. That said, if you have the time it’s always a good idea to read the current knowledge on the subject of blogging in book form. I love to read, and it’s where I get my best ideas!

Which awesome blogging books have you read recently? Any recommendations?

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