12 Killer Timeline Tips For Facebook Marketers

By on April 13, 2012

Now that Facebook Timeline is compulsory, marketers are scrambling to find ways to optimize the user experience for their fans. If your Facebook Timeline only has a basic cover on it, then you won’t want to miss this one Download Head Soccer's latest bug edition! Here’s how to promote your brand like a champion with these Timeline tips and tricks.

#1: Use Your Cover as a Promo Tool

Change your cover often to support your promotional goals, and enhance events, launches and announcements Download The Hot Man.

#2: Do Something Awesome With Your Profile Box

Incorporate the profile box into your cover art, for an awe-inspiring design experience for your fans to enjoy Download the Kospi Index.

#3: Change Your Tab Image Covers

Change the cover images for your tabs, by clicking the option in your admin panel. Make them attractive with word prompts and clean graphics 기어s2 3g 유심 다운로드.

#4: Change The Order of Your Tabs

If you’re trying to promote one of your tabs, then change the order to make it prominent 론리플래닛 다운로드. This is great if you’ve just launched a new app, or have a deal running.

#5: Put Your Website Link Where it Counts

Place your website link at the beginning of your ‘about’ write up twisty road apk 다운로드. More clicks! You can also use this space to promote webinars, sales pages, blog pages and videos.

#6: Pin a Popular or Important Post

You can choose an important promo post, or a popular one and pin it to the top of your profile App Store Wi-Fi. It increases interaction on that post by 40%!

#7: Use Pinned Posts For Social Proof

Use the pin area on your Timeline to showcase customer reviews, comments and compliments Download msdn 2008.

#8: Remove All Useless Posts

Sweep through your entire Timeline, and ‘hide’ all posts that aren’t excellent, interactive and awesome Better Translator program. It leaves more room for current posts that are more relevant.

#9: Take Advantage of Timeline Histories

People LOVE stories, so tell your brand story by taking advantage of Timeline history Download Nicodong mp3. Set milestones for special events, and use photos to make it an emotional experience for your fans.

#10: Change It Up, When You Can

Your cover, pinned post, tab order and images should change to suit your current Facebook marketing goals. That’s the magic of the new Timeline.

#11: Use The Shiny New App Space

Fans can now view your apps on ‘wide view’ so check that you’re not having sizing issues on your current apps, and make use of the new option.

#12: Timeline Posts To Fuel Ads and Pull Traffic Back In

Most fans like a page and NEVER go back there. To change this, use the new Facebook reach generator ‘posts as ads’ service, to get your fans back where they belong.

Use these killer tips to re-define your Facebook presence, grow your community and cash in on the Timeline changes. They’re so much better than the old brand pages! You just need to learn how they all work together for your Facebook success.

Do you have any questions about the new Facebook Timeline? I’ll answer them for you, just leave your question below.

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