15 No-Nonsense Blogging Tips For Making Money in 2014 #Blogging

By on December 18, 2013
blogging tips for making money

Blogging tips for making money are often fluffy, impossible to implement and completely outdated. That’s why looking ahead to 2014, I have compiled my own list of no-nonsense, practical tips that will work to increase your small businesses bottom line. Implement any one of these tips in the New Year for a near instant boost in revenue generation.

Blogs can make money in several ways – through advertising, third-party marketing, product sales or by selling your services. In 2014, any one of these will add income to your monthly revenue.

#1: Focus on becoming an affiliate for the digital products that you love. Place these banner ads on your blog and create a set of posts dedicated to telling people why they rule.

#2: Use your blog as a unique source of information. Run market surveys, collect analytics data and create stats that will help others in your niche. Offer it for sale in a packaged report.

#3: Create high value list reports based on the ‘state of your industry’ or on a specific area of your industry. Sell it for a nominal fee, and send it for free to top bloggers, then request reviews.

#4: Place Google AdSense ads on your blog to create a new stream of revenue for your business. The more traffic your blog gets, the more clicks you will net, and money you will earn.

#5: Blogging tips for making money need to convert for you. Get an SMS service for your brand and institute SMS geofencing at your real world store. Collect SMS sign-ups via your blog by releasing a lot of information and promotions around it.

Blogging tips for making money

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#6: Team up with a few other small business bloggers and create valuable digital reports and whitepapers based on public opinion. Sell them on your blog for a small fee.

#7: One of the best blogging tips for making money is to create a niche ebook for sale on your blog. Charge a nominal fee (99c) and create blog posts to promote your expert ebook.

#8: Leverage password protected content by linking it to hashtag deals. Release discounts on your products or services on Twitter, for use on your blog. These will be shared and used!

#9: Create small ‘snippet’ mini-blogs for Google+ and Facebook, then link them back to strategic blog posts containing a push for your products or services.

#10: Build a membership area into your blog and charge membership fees for high value content that your readers can’t get anywhere else. Make it worth the monthly fee!

#11: Offer exclusive deals and discounts on your product and services to top ranking commenters on your blog. Do it privately, and see if they share the news for you!

#12: Use your influencer status to leverage Amazon ads for your brand. Pick 2-4 that you endorse and love (and use) and pop them on your blog for ad revenue. Create blogs on why.

#13: Create fun image galleries of you using a product that you love. Place them on Pinterest, and build a series of practical blog posts on them.

#14: If these blogging tips for making money are not getting enough attention, invest some cash into a Facebook sponsored ad campaign. Link it to a popular blog post that feeds traffic to your affiliate or product pages.

#15: Engage in accelerated guest blogging in 2014 for additional traffic to your blog, so that you can leverage your on-page advertising and private products.

Decide which of these great blogging tips for making money will get you the results you need on your company or personal blog next year. Remember, we all need to focus on a well-rounded content strategy going into 2014, so that our social media properties are attracting traffic and converting passive visitors into highly engaged, interactive visitors!

Not enough tips? Here are even more!

Which of these blogging tips for making money did you find most useful?

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