15 Rules of Engagement For Facebook Group Administrators #Facebook

By on October 1, 2013
Facebook group

A Facebook group is a great way for your business or brand to engage with your customers on a personal level. Of course it also means that your customers will be engaging with each other – and this can cause serious problems. That is why today I’m going to share with you the 15 rules that need to become part of your group house rules.

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The 15 Rules of Facebook Group Engagement

#1: There will be no cursing in this group – ever. That includes words like X, Y and Z. It also includes any statement that the group admin deems inappropriate in nature.

#2: Do not advertise your business on this group. We are not interested in your career, only in your opinions and relevant information as per the group guidelines. [Link to them]

#3: All opinions will be treated with mutual respect, unless they violate the aforementioned rules. Treat your fellow Facebook group members with that same respect.

#4: If a single individual starts a discussion that all other members disagree with, it may, at the discretion of the group admin, be considered trolling. Trolls will be booted out of the group.

#5: If a member personally attacks another member with words that are harmful, threatening or not in-line with our mutual respect policy, that member will receive a warning. Three warnings and you’re out.

#6: Please stick to the mission statement of this Facebook group. Irrelevant content does not belong here it belongs on other pages. See our compiled list here. [Add links to other groups]

#7: Do not post graphic or disturbing photos, videos and other media in this group. If you are not sure about the content that you want to post, email the group admin [insert email].

Facebook group

Courtesy of girlguides.co.za

#8: If someone mentions you by name please respond directly to that person on the same post. If the comment is inflammatory please report it to the group admin.

#9: Think before you post! This is Facebook, one of the biggest sites on the internet – what goes up can never really come down. Respect the privacy of others!

#10: Be aware that posting more than 5 discussions on the same day needs to be justified to the group admin, or it will be considered spam.

#11: It is considered impolite to repost or draw attention to the fact that a group admin or another member has deleted your comment.

#12: If you are going to comment, we would prefer it if you could try and add valuable discussion to the conversation. Be friendly, be fair and use common sense.

#13: The Facebook group admin is entitled to deny entry to any member they choose. They are also allowed to boot out members that don’t comply with the house rules.

#14: For any [specific] inquiries please refer to the website address and telephone numbers on the cover photo. This is just the Facebook group, not the business itself!

#15: When you share attachments in our Facebook group please make sure that your settings are on ‘public’ or no-one will be able to see your attachment.

These professional rules will keep your Facebook group functioning like a well-oiled machine. Add them to your house rules document, as a crucial part of your Facebook strategy in the coming months.

Did I leave an important Facebook group rule out? Add it here!

About John Souza

John Souza is founder and chief strategist of SMMU and Social Media Impact, and is a bestselling business author. He won the 2011 Tech Marketing Awards ‘Social Media Marketer of the Year’ and most recently the About.com Reader’s Choice Award for Best Online Education Site. John has appeared on The Michael Gerber Show, and his business has been honored at the Mashable Awards, Forbes Business Awards and The Stevie Awards.
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  • Greg Aurand

    Great list, John. Where do you suggest posting the HOUSE RULES DOCUMENT in a FB group?

    • http://wwww.socialmediaimpact.com/ Social Media Impact

      Thanks Greg,
      If you go to the “Files” tab at the top of the FB Group, it gives you the option to Upload or Create a Doc. Then you can pin this to the top of the FB Group for added visibility.

      Hope this answered your question.

      • Ran Rangi Gescheit

        Very helpful. Thank you.

  • Michelle Shuttleworth

    hi is there a way to get members to sign the rules in a f b group before allowing them into a group x

    • Laura Ballard

      A lot of groups I am a member of have the rules as a pinned post, so it stays at the top, and will ask that everyone read and either like or comment on the post. Every now and then an admin will share the rules and ask for another comment/like acknowledging that they have read and will abide by the rules

  • Sandy Sandaver

    Is there a way of requesting a qualification when people apply to join a closed group?

  • Betty Dowling

    #16 Blocking FB group Admins is not allowed…you will be booted from the group if you block any Admin.

    • paulbunk

      Yes, that’s a very important one.

    • Aphro Trust

      my fb id will be blocked how to unblock .. i cannot post any groups
      kindly help me

    • new bangash


    • annreedbrown

      Well how about an Administrator that was the only one who wanted one that lets people wait days for their post to show, can be days before checking to see if anyone wants in the group, got so mad that Trump was running for President that got on my page & went ballistic then posted a long writing for communism written by a communist & when I said enough and deleted that, she went crazier, defriended me (which I didn’t care) but as Administrator of a group called “If you grew up in Creal Springs” in a small town of about 700 people in Williamson County, Illinois, that has made me mad. I am 82 yrs old & I don’t need a nut case getting personal with her rantings and using her position to get back at me or anyone else. Her name is Shelly Paige

    • Diana Rudd

      What about in reverse? What would be the rule if a member is appointed as a co-administrator and that individual has blocked members of the group prior to his appointment? Shouldn’t the new admin be booted for the same action?

  • http://www.onlinebusiness.org/ Gaurav Gurbaxani

    Great checklist for setting up your private fb group… thanks

  • Edette Naliatan

    John i have question? if the group admin wrongly change the setting into secret , is there any possiblity to bring back the group to open group? bcz this was happened to friend , his group was just change from open to secret ?

    • Paul Maxwell

      the admin of the groups control if its secret or not. you would hae to contact them

  • https://www.facebook.com/susanjartist samONT2011

    What about when people copy and paste personal conversations into the group for all to see?

  • Lee Ann Achterberg

    There should be mention of rapid-fire postings, as any post should have time to ‘gel’ on the News Feed for at least 15 min – 1 hr. And also – before allowing a post to go through, please check the group to make sure it hasn’t already been posted… (refer to SPAM comment)

  • Lee Ann Achterberg

    One thing most people don’t realize when a post that was originated on a group is deleted, all the shares (and conversation along with it) are gone as well. This also is bad for the Group as it was free advertising when it was shared. (it shows the Group name). So – don’t delete a good, shared post, or you’ll shoot yourself in the foot for more members to be on board. If it’s another Admins post – Most Definitely chat w/them b4 doing anything. It would be rude if you didn’t..

  • kosso

    I do have a question,not sure if this is the right place,anyway,i belonged to a group,i got hacked and the person who hacked me took me out of some of the groups and said i didnt ant to be re added,is there a way i can re-add myself??

  • Robyne McPherson

    I have a question… I am the admin of a relatively small group of 700+ members. We live in a rural area. The group is for buying, selling, and information exchange. Recently, I have had people under the age of 18 wanting to join, which has raised a concern for me. I don’t want to expose kids to potential predators, however we want them to participate in learning about commerce and earning an income– such as advertising for baby sitting, etc… Does anyone have any ideas on how to go about initiating this, allowing it, or not allowing it? I was considering a couple options; 1. I could deny all requests, their parents could join for them, and post for them. 2. They could join, but I would have to approve their posts– (this could become burdensome). Any thoughts would be appreciated… Also, age limits, I understand no one under 13 is supposed to have an account anyway, so this would apply to those 13 and over. I’m not comfortable with those 13-15 on the group buying, selling, and working, but perhaps 16 and up?

  • john

    I was in a facebook group and after i post my opinion about the fish the administer called me a dickhead and said he can say whatever he wants. Who should report this too.

  • Grant West

    I have been unfairly blocked from a Facebook group for expressing my fight about getting a Royal Commission into institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse within New Zealand. As I am working with MP’s from New Zealand to make this happen and trying to raise the funds to get back over there to do so. I put up my post link once for the fundraising site. I was told by admin that I was not allowed to do this. I stopped and did not put it back up on that site. But their administrative group have said that I broke their rules about advertising fundraising sites on theirs. In fact I did not put it on again and then read their rules and on their rules it states that I had to ask for permission first. So I did and they came back to with a NO as they believe that I had put it up a number of time after I was asked not to. Which I did not. I have had support from other members of the group stating that they are in support of me putting it up and affects everyone on the group. But admin has blocked me any way. What can I do ? As this is a miss justice and a breach of freedom of speech. Kind regards.

    • Paul Maxwell

      what group would be so important that if they blocked you unfairly that you would want back in? If a group did that t me wouldnt want to be in it

  • Innovatsioon

    Please NEVER use or follow the above rules, or you have just coincidentally created a virtual autocracy of the kind that we would never tolerate in the real world. Instead, when you administrate or otherwise manage people in a virtual room, just use the same kind of behaviour that is acceptable in the real world.

    • Gary Smith

      You should take a look at the Southcentral Alaska Beekeepers Association FB page. This is run by three women who have no patience for anything about which they disagree or people they dislike/hate. This FB page is about beekeeping, for God’s sake. Tang Johnston, Donna Victors, and Tang’s daughter Deb run the FB page in a style that is reminiscent of mothers who hate their children. They have posted rules that, if violated, will result in removal from the FB group and NO reason will ever be provided. I just got kicked off after a member told me about a training opportunity offered by an experienced beekeeper that Tang and Donna hate. For this reason alone, I was kicked out of this FB group. I did nothing else, so this has to be it. I’d like somebody to look into this because similar situations have resulted when others have been dropped from FB access about beekeeping in Southcentral Alaska for no good reason! It seems very wrong … and hateful.

  • http://www.TrudyBeerman.com Trudy Beerman

    #17 Promoting another group to redirect group members is not cool and doing so will get you blocked.

  • Lisa Hyden

    How do I become admin of a group that has no admin?

    Add Me To That GROUP. I will Help you to Make you ADMIN.

    • Jãfãr Ķhãn

      tell me that group name

  • May M

    one group I was involved in said no ‘calling out trolls’, which meant you could not call anyone a troll, so there were many bogus fake people intruding into the group saying nasty things to people just for fun.

  • Kirk Gaw

    Blehhhhhh! Who would want to be member of any group with these rules? Best rules you can ask is no pornography, prostitution, and profanity!

  • Jim

    I am the Administrator of a Homeowners Association Group. Each time I post on the closed group page, the post also appears on my personal FB page. How can I stop this? I do not want posts for the closed group to be seen by my personal page “friends”because the posts are sensitive to that closed group.

    • Liz Pengitore

      Only members of the group can see it if your posting in a closed group. You may be seeing it in you news feeds which is not visible by everyone else.

  • Sean Joyce

    Question: Is it ethical for the sole admin for a Customer Group to also be a vendor to that group? This is a lifestyle group where the great majority of members are customers and a small number are vendors.
    Vendors post in response customer’s questions and past customers comment on the quality of that service. Vendors are competing for attention but the (Admin/Vendor) is capturing the great majority of the attention.
    This is partly explained by the high quality of the (Admin/Vendor)’s service but still begs the question: Is it ethical for the principle active admin for a Customer Group to also be a vendor to that group?

  • Joel

    I’m an admin for a closed FB group that is for the owners and residents of an HOA. The HOA Board recently adopted a resolution dictating what we can and cannot do in this group, with fines for not abiding by their resolution. I kicked all of the board members out of the group – can I get fined for not abiding by their resolution, or is it just a liability shield for them?


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