15 Supercharged Blog Stats To Tweet About #Blogging

By on October 13, 2013
Blog stats

Blog stats are one of those data-sources that social media managers and bloggers can’t live without. They help strategists and managers plan and prepare for upcoming blog trends and are an essential part of the marketing data collection cycle ms visio 2016 다운로드. Today, I’m giving you fifteen of the hottest (and most surprising) blog stats that are also tweetable!

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#1: 77% of internet users read blogs. This means that blogs are the most powerful owned online asset your business has 경선식 다운로드! #Blogstats

#2: 61% of all consumers in the US have purchased something online based on a recommendation from a blog. Blogs promotes sales Download one summer night. #Blogstats

#3: One in 3 bloggers are moms. Moms make up some of the most powerful and influential bloggers in the world. #Blogstats

#4: 53.3% of all bloggers are between the ages of 21-35 years old 윈도우 모바일 디바이스 센터. Blogging very clearly belongs to Generation Y. #Blogstats

#5: 37% of the Fortune 500 publish corporate blogs, down from 50% in 2011 Core Movie. This dip has been attributed to the lack of strategy thus far with corporate blogging. #Blogstats

Blog stats

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#6: Some 60% of ‘millennials’ upload videos, share images and blog posts – compared to 29% of non-millennials Download the natural video. Many influential bloggers are young! #Blogstats

#7: B2B marketers that use blogs generate 67% more leads than those that don’t 위험한 아이들. These leads are used to sell more, build community and enhance reputation online. #Blogstats

#8: Companies that blog have 97% more inbound links than companies that do not blog Download the washing machine. Blogging will be a media strategy essential in years to come. #Blogstats

#9: 81% of US online consumers trust information and advice from blogs. The personal voice in blogs is largely considered the reason. #Blogstats

#10: 26% of PR professionals consider building strong relationships with bloggers an essential part of their business. #Blogstats

#11: 70% of bloggers have gone to college and have some kind of graduate degree. This means that most bloggers are highly educated. #Blogstats

#12: There are more than 181 million blogs in the world, which is 145 million more than there were in 2006. Blogging is gaining popularity in a big way. #Blogstats

#13: 81% of companies consider their blog to be useful, critical or important. This is because the majority of business blogs are excellent with ROI. #Blogstats

#14: 28% of affluent American consumers share information about luxury goods purchases on blogs and on other social networks. This improves sales! #Blogstats

#15: 35% of woman internet users in the US comment on blogs, and they post reviews – 71% of women use this content. #Blogstats

Tweet these fifteen blog stats for extra attention on your Twitter page. These stats concern all business owners that are trying to launch a successful business blog. By sharing this information, you’re helping other social media managers find the resources they need to adequately prepare their blog strategies for the coming month.

Which of these supercharged blog stats did you find highly sharable? Your opinion matters to me!

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