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By on July 23, 2013
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A blog post is just a little article for most readers, but for social media managers it’s a complex and strategic piece of content that has to fit in with their overall social and content marketing campaigns. Today, I’m going to share with you several types of blog post that will help you add depth and variety to your blog strategy!

Use these varieties to explode the number of people reading your posts daily!

#1: How-to or tutorial posts – Value in a blog post is essential, with how-to posts topping the list. Teach your readers how today, and enjoy a larger readership tomorrow.

#2: Resource posts: Find the best possible links or sites that contain the specific information your readers are looking for, and they will always stop by to read your blog posts.

#3: Linkbait posts: A linkbait post is so interesting or controversial that is causes other bloggers to link to yours to join in, refute or reference the information.

#4: Comparison posts: Why is one thing the same, or different than the other? These posts are great for clarity in difficult niches.

#5: Definition posts: If you need to explain something about your business, put it in a blog post. When readers ask about it, just drop in the link. Highly sharable!

#6: List posts: This is a list post right now! They contain a detailed list of something interesting or important that your readers need to find.

#7: Before and after posts: Less common are before and after posts. These reveal strategies and stats that prove your specific method of doing something works.

Blog post

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#8: Review posts: If you have an opinion about a product, person, business – anything – just review it in a review post and add to the ongoing conversation about that topic.

#9: Interview posts: Find an expert and interview them about something awesome that they have done, or are about to do.

#10: Authority showcase posts: If you want a visit from an authority, do a showcase blog post on them to break the ice. It certainly helps if you want to work with them later.

#11: Checklist posts: Has your reader taken the time to add all of these vital things to their list? No? Then create a practical checklist blog post for them.

#12: Infographic/image/video review post: If you love to write reviews, then review content that other people have created. It’s a great way to join in on popular conversations.

#13: Social media update posts: If your social pages bustle, report the highlights from the week in a nice, informative social update post. It makes fans feel appreciated.

#14: Fan appreciation posts: If you want your fans to know you are listening, give them proof! Invite them to ask questions and create blog posts answering these questions.

#15: Tools posts: There are so many tools, apps and little software bits out there, a well done tools blog post can get you a lot of traffic. Make yours count!

A quality blog post strategy targets variety, according to the needs of the business or brand. A very skilled content marketer for example, may specifically shape a batch of SEO blog posts to coincide with a product launch – using linkbait copy for addition lead generation. When you can look at the analytics and do this, your business will make more money!

Which one of these types of blog post do you like to read the most?

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