20 Laugh-Out-Loud Facebook Outage Tweets From Twitter #Facebookdown

By on October 21, 2013
Facebook down

Facebook went down today. Millions of people didn’t know who went to gym and who didn’t. People’s candy didn’t switch places. They couldn’t add the movies they had watched over the weekend. They couldn’t tell the world about the delicious bagel they dropped on the floor before breakfast lol! How do people react, exactly, when a giant like Facebook goes dead?

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The Facebook Outage That Crippled The World

Just for fun, and as a social experiment, here are 20 of the funniest tweets about the Facebook outage that happened earlier today. People lost their minds!

  • @S_dF: I wonder if the birth rate will spike 9 months from today? #FacebookOutage
  • @FOMOVancouver: Employers: embrace the #facebookoutage! Your employees may actually work today! Woo-hoo!!!
  • @Its_MikeM: On the plus side, the country’s productivity has increased 500%.
  • @iamdaniela: I haven’t liked a photo in like an hour. I don’t know what the meaning of life is anymore
  • @LanceUlanoff: If I can’t update my Facebook status, do I still exist?
  • @MoominCanada: #Facebook is down? How are people going to post inane nonsense about what they’re doing RIGHT NOW? Oh… Hello Twitter.
  • ‏@MekkaDonMusic: 662,678 LIKES lost in the last 20 minutes.
  • @jamiesont: Facebook down. That means someone at Google+ is frantically dusting away the cobwebs, hiding the dead plants & spraying febreeze.
  • @horaciomancilla: The day we lost all of our friends
  • @thewritertype When Facebook is down millions babies all over the world fall silent and stare at their parents. Their eyes search for a camera. Waiting.
  • @AngryBritain: I. NEED. TO. TELL. SOMEONE. WHAT. I’M. HAVING. FOR. DINNER. AND. I. CAN’T! #sarcasm
  • ‏@LanceUlanoff: A Dislike button would be so appropriate today.
Facebook panic

Courtesy of teacherslingo.com

  • ‏@cmclymer: Dear Diary, entering hour 2 of Facebook down. Desperation is growing. Morale is low. Send help. #facebookdown
  • ‏@damnitstrue: Facebook down. Panic in the streets, people go around with their photos asking “You like?”
  • @macleanbrendan: Just imagine having a birthday on the day that Facebook comments and statuses are down. You might as well have never been born.
  • @comer310: Facebook’s down. Whatever you do, do NOT pick up the phone or physically interact with another human being. We can beat this.
  • @TravisKoshko: Since Facebook is down, I’m just going to assume that everyone ran 30 miles this morning. Deal?
  • ‏@iTweetFacts: Twitter down, kill the refresh button. #FacebookDown, pay more attention to Twitter.
  • @PVarga: The Redcross has set up several camps around the country for those who want to complain about their lives
  • ‏@ScentedGarden: Traffic jams across the nation as millions of people affected by #facebookdown leave their homes.
  • @allthingsjapan: Facebook down. World’s surplus of cute kitten pics and Instagram photos of food mounting. UN Security Council meets in 1 hr.

Have we become too dependent on Facebook? Which of these funny tweets do you think best exemplifies the dependence that we all have on the social network?

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