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By on February 12, 2014
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A blogging for business bible in 2014 should contain the main rules or principles of what exactly makes a modern blog work these days. While every blog is different, all bloggers have to adhere to a strict set of codes in order to raise their readership numbers, boost subscriber rates and generate real engagement for their business Download the front page.

Today I am bringing you a rundown of the 2014 blogging for business bible, where you can find the ten ‘codes’ to absolute blogging success this year Download lync 2010.

The Ten Codes That Unlock Blogging Success

#1: All content should be aligned. That’s right! All of your blog content needs to work together to produce the results that you need Download Guild of Honors. Choose your title, text, quotes, tweets, images, video and podcasts well so that they create a unique perspective.

#2: Stick to original content Download the last gift. Content online that is original has a higher value and is shared more often. That means you should be working hard to create original content for your blog book cover. Take photos, craft slideshows, post talking-head videos and add unique opinions to each post.

#3: Always give back to your readership. Your readers swing by to comment, share and engage on your blog – how are you giving back to them Download the form of the family? Create social campaigns that appreciate your regular readers 윈도우8 언어팩. Use promo codes, password areas or appreciation posts to do so.

#4: Don’t forget to be a human being. You are not a nameless, faceless person so don’t be one online 넷프레임워크 다운로드. Allow your readership to get to know you, your personal stories, your failures and your triumphs. Be a human being and you will attract more readers.

#5: Get help cabbage dolls. Bloggers can’t run blogs on their own, it takes a team. If you want to ramp up your efforts with the 2014 blogging for business bible, then start outsourcing some content, or enlist the help of a new team member 최신가요 무료.

blogging for business bible

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#6: Stay away from direct sales. Selling is perfectly fine online, but not on your blog. Instead, use your blog to draw in new readers and educate them on your company, your vision and your niche. They will naturally trust you enough to buy from you after that.

#7: Get a content strategy. One of the main rules for your blogging for business bible this year is to get a good content strategy going. Think about the kind of content you are publishing on your blog and how you can make it better.

#8: Unearth your ideal reader. Find out what your readers want to see on your blog by conducting intensive market research – run surveys, take polls and systematically release branded results based on your findings. These create tons of authority for your brand.

#9: Shift to user generated content. In 2014, your blogging for business bible should contain plans to get your community to start writing or providing content for your blog. This will lighten your content load and add new perspectives to your themes.

#10: Test and figure it out. No-one can tell you how to run your blog successfully, you HAVE to figure it out for yourself using split testing, analytics and lots of data analysis. Draw from these insights to make the right decisions about future blog content.

These ten codes are directly from our 2014 blogging for business bible. With these on your side you will know exactly how to improve your blog this year. Take note, and if your business blog is lacking any of these key features, then perhaps it is time for a change. You don’t want to be left behind in the blogosphere after all.

What are the main challenges that you face as a small business blogger?

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