27 Things You Have Never EVER Heard About Social Media

By on July 16, 2013

Social media is now a legitimate business capability, even though many experts and naysayers had their doubts a few short years ago. In honor of our victory, today I will be compiling a nice long list of very interesting things you still DON’T know about social media. Think you know everything there is to know? Think again!

#1: Twitter is The Fastest Growing Social Network

Not Facebook, Pinterest, not even YouTube can keep up with Twitters incredible growth. Between June 2012 and March 2013, their user base has increased by an astounding 44%. For a company that is 8 years old, this is an incredible feat. In social media years that’s like 800! Proof that investment in your Twitter strategy is not only warranted, but required.

#2: 10 Million Endorsements Given Daily

On LinkedIn, some 10 million endorsements are dished out every day. Is it because LinkedIn has experience rapid growth? No. It’s because they designed a small app for their website that makes endorsing their users easy for the other people in their network 모바일 다운로드. Further proof that if you want it to work on online, it needs to be minimalist, simple and super-easy.

#3: People Increase Your Company’s Value

When you have large communities, it rapidly increases the dollar value of your company. Don’t believe me? Instagram is worth a billion dollars because 5 million photos are uploaded to it every day from millions of users all over the world. That’s more value than the New York Times (est. $946 million) a 162 year old company. Why? They have a smaller community.

#4: Social Media For B2B Companies is Rising

Some 64% of B2B companies are investigating social media marketing, and how they can use it to improve their businesses. Their top goals are brand awareness, customer retention and demand generation. More accurately, these businesses have discovered that social media is actually a branch of content marketing – as it’s the content that produces results.

#5: Google+ Is an Imposing Business Network

Early adopters of Google+ didn’t find it to be a very good social network. But as the years rolled by, they realized that it made more sense as a private business network Download the legendary Dreaming Island of Zelda. With 48% of the world’s largest companies now on Google+ it’s clear to see why. All of the services there can help your client-brand relationships improve.

#6: Older Users Mean More Buying Power

It’s taken a fair amount of time, but the baby boomer generation is making headway in social media. They are adopting the technology fast now that it’s been established – Twitter and Google+ both owe their growth spikes to older, new users. That means new revenue streams on these platforms as you target these age groups more successfully.

#7: Tweets Affect TV Ratings

Is digital really killing the TV star? According to Adage.com, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Recent reports indicate that there is a direct correlation between tweets about TV shows, and actual viewership numbers. Networks can actually use social media to entice more people to watch certain shows 푸른 하늘 스트라이프.

#8: YouTube Viewership Increased By 50% in a Single Year

Since Google purchased YouTube and made some needed changes to the site, the viewership ratios have shot up from 3 billion last May, to 4 billion this March. The only conclusion to draw from this is that more people are watching YouTube instead of television, which means that your brand needs a YouTube channel right now.

#9: 125 Years in a Single Day

Every single day, 125 years’ worth of the famous app Angry Birds is played. What this means is that social will become more mobile, and more app based in the near future. With nearly 4.8 billion people using mobile, and only 4.2 billion people owning toothbrushes, the world is going to become an extremely app-based place. Does your business have an app?

#10: Mobile Fuels Social Media Growth

There is a direct link between the rapid growth spurt of smartphone sales, and the correlating boom in social media use Download youtube English subtitles. Sites like Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook are easily access via smartphones, and fans can engage on these sites while on the go. Of course, now smartphones are so advanced, blogs stand to benefit from this as well with apps like Flipboard becoming popular.

#11: Weird and Successful Social Communities

There are thousands of highly successful social media platforms you have never even heard of, stealing time away from the big 5. There’s Ravelry, a social network for knitters, IntellectConnect, a platform for knowledge-lovers, Ncludr, a site with no privacy that instantly connects you with all 12.3 billion users and A Small World, a highly exclusive network that is invitation only. Social media exists outside Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for sure!

#12: Facebook Has Serious Global Influence

The only thing that properly unites people in the world is Facebook. Everything else (age, country, sex, color, gender, money) has a dividing effect. If you can zero in on why Facebook brings people together, then you may have a formula for improving your business across borders encase 다운로드. The influence that Facebook has is actually fairly scary!

#13: Twitter is More Bite Than Bang

Malcolm Gladwell wrote an interesting post about how when a ‘revolution’ does happen, it won’t be because of Twitter. The microblog platform seems to encourage dissatisfaction and verbal revolt, but this doesn’t translate into actual physical revolt. There were thousands of tweets against the TSA body scan issue, but when the day came no protests resulted.

#14: LinkedIn Is Group Crazy

LinkedIn now has 2.1 million groups. It means that it may be more beneficial to small business owners to join a group and interact there, than to create a group of your own. It also makes selecting appropriate groups more important, along with marketing your group to the right people (using LinkedIn ads) if you do launch one on the business network.

#15: Social Media Dashboard Usage Trends

Social media dashboards are a revealing look into how many people are actually successfully managing their social campaigns Download Glow Voice. Some 61% of Twitter users publish via a dashboard, with only 27% doing it on Facebook. There are about a million people that use Hootsuite (a leading social dashboard) to manage their accounts each day.

#16: Innovative Marketing is On the Rise

It’s getting harder and harder to stand out among thousands of other social media pages, so marketers and small businesses are being forced to try new things. The Banez Insurance Agency for example promised to donate money to a children’s charity for every ‘like’ they received. The movie the Hunger Games gained recognition by launching a site to combat hunger in real world countries.

#17: 10 States Are Obsessed With Facebook

Did you know that 10 States in the US are responsible for 52% of visits to Facebook? Residents from New York, California, Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Florida, Illinois and Pennsylvania can’t get enough of the platform. You however, can target these States to make more money selling on Facebook.

#18: 72.6% of Twitter Users Are Not American

With American users taking up 27.4% of the Twitter user base, that still leaves a bulky 72.6% that belongs to the rest of the world I would like to know that 869. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use Twitter for marketing, but it does mean your tactics will probably work better on a mainly American site like Facebook or Pinterest.

#19: Identity Theft is On The Rise

Even though social media has become fairly transparent, people still make fortunes pretending to be other people on large social networks. A woman in Oregon gained thousands of Twitter followers after posting tweets as Peggy Olson, from the TV show Mad Men. Further proof that you should not accept everything you read as truth.

#20: 83 Million Reasons To Be Careful on Facebook

Facebook security has always been a problem, but with the recent update glitches and profile hacking – surely things are worse than Facebook makes out. The truth is that Facebook has about 83 million fake accounts, created by marketers in order to appear real so that they can spam you, hack your page and even delete your account Download ubuntu font.

#21: Social Media Management is a Hot New Career

With social media use on the rise, and more and more important platforms growing in influence, the role of the social media manager is now hugely important. This means that there is going to be a rapid boom and restricting of what constitutes a social media management position, and it’s a great growth industry for kids fresh from college.

#22: Women Rule The Facebook Roost

There are slightly more women on Facebook than men, with 56% of the market share. That means if your content is geared a little more to a female audience, your sales could potentially increase. Combine this with Pinterest’s female user base and you have a formula for creating better social messages online.

#23: Social Media Political Power

The most powerful force that any country or President can have isn’t the military, more weapons or bigger nukes – it’s more Facebook and Twitter fans. This proves that the pen is still mightier than the sword. In the years to come a leader’s social media campaign will determine whether they shape your country or not Click angel to. Obama is the first of many.

#24: Google Owns YouTube

In case you don’t know, the search engine giant owns YouTube – and since this happened, videos have become even more impressive for traffic and lead generation. 100 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. Grab your slice of the video-pie now and start building your very own channel. You’ll need it in future to be competitive with Google’s rapidly changing algorithm updates.

#25: Check-Ins Are a Massive Fail

You may wonder why no-one checks-in anymore, or you may not know what this means at all. But Foursquare does, and it’s on the decline. Some 74% of Americans have never checked in using a mobile device. There is a 25% decrease in check-in behavior in one year – which means that this little social feature is dying.

#26: Brand Following Is Not Fantastic

Look at ALL the users on Facebook! Surely your brand should be there as well. That’s the theory, unfortunately we are only at the beginning of getting people to like businesses in public 퀴어영화 나비. Only 33% of Americans have ever followed a brand using social media. That means 2/3 of people using these social platforms don’t want you in their lives.

#27: Facebook Results in More Sales

Surprise, surprise – 47% of people say that Facebook has the greatest impact on their purchasing behaviors. This is up from 2011’s 24%, which was also nothing to laugh at. This just reiterates that for small business sales, there is no better way to sell than via Facebook. The problem is that so few people know how to do this properly, it will take another 2 years before users will regularly buy from Facebook, or Facebook recommended sites.

These 27 facts are only the tip of iceberg when it comes to social media education. Every single day, new stats are released that give us a little more insight into how, when, and why we need to start focusing our attention on these social sites. The fact is, that if your business is not on social media right now, you are actively LOSING money.

The time has come to accept that social media is the latest business capability, and we should all treat it that way. I still chuckle when I hear that a brand has given their social media to an intern. That’s like a doctor handing a scalpel to an intern and expecting them to perform a successful operation. Hopefully, these awesome facts have opened your eyes.

Which fact do you find most interesting and why? I want to hear your opinions on this unusual information!

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John Souza is founder and chief strategist of SMMU and Social Media Impact, and is a bestselling business author. He won the 2011 Tech Marketing Awards ‘Social Media Marketer of the Year’ and most recently the About.com Reader’s Choice Award for Best Online Education Site. John has appeared on The Michael Gerber Show, and his business has been honored at the Mashable Awards, Forbes Business Awards and The Stevie Awards.

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