3 Best WordPress Plugins To Check SEO Stats Live #SEO

By on February 3, 2014
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To check SEO stats, many bloggers often have to pop into their Google Webmaster tools accounts or other various SEO tools to get a feel for their campaign progress Pentaho. As you move forward as a blogger, you need to make sure that each month your stats grow. The best way to do this is to use a stats plugin for WordPress directly on your blog all&g.

SEO stats plugins for WordPress can be highly beneficial. A strategic consolidation of all of your important data, localized to your blog backend is a great way to consistently work at ‘the numbers.’

#1: Jetpack For WordPress

At the top of our list (and the one we use) is Jetpack 속독 성경 mp3. An excellent plugin to use to check SEO stats live on your blog, Jetpack gives you real time feedback on statistics that will help you improve traffic to your blog fear 2 다운로드.

This includes your ‘all time’ views, your daily views, weekly and monthly views AND it gives you a benchmark number for the highest amount of views that you received on a specific day 테크넷 구독자. It also tells you why you got those views, and where they came from.

That is why we love this plugin – it assists with campaign keyword tracking, link analysis and SEO pathways as we execute our strategies here Download samsung browser. Since using this plugin, we have experienced consistent growth, as it keeps the stats in sharp focus.

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#2: WordPress.com Official Stats

This plugin lets you check SEO stats just like Jetpack does – only with chart representation instead of a bar graph visual 자바 xlsx. Much like Jetpack it also shows you where your traffic came from, who clicked on which posts – and what your most popular and engaging posts are.

Straightforward and uncomplicated, this plugin for WordPress will help ‘lazy’ analytics bloggers get a ‘quick glance’ view of their SEO stats 발라드 다운로드.

#3: StatPress Reloaded

Another good one, if you are looking for a clean design, flexible stats and a simple interface. To check SEO stats on a regular basis will improve your traffic over time, especially with these real time numbers 콘텐츠 파일.

Enjoy total stats, previous month stats, the current month stats, and daily stats with this plugin. It’s a great plugin if you need to keep track of which posts your readers love the most, which posts get the most traffic and how it converts into engagement 인벤터 학생용.

When you run these numbers together with your social interaction figures, you can come up with page percentages and actually work out (manually) how popular different posts are according to the traffic and engagement ratios. Otherwise they can simply be used as a way to perform your immediate month’s on-page SEO.

These are my 3 favorite plugins that I use to check SEO stats, and they work well. I find that many individual bloggers that are not comfortable with full analytics programs are much more likely to follow basic SEO strategies when these plugins are used. If you hate analytics, try one of these SEO stats plugins – it will rapidly improve your traffic and conversion ratios!

Which WordPress stats plugin do you use and why? Give me all the details.

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