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By on September 30, 2013
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Social media managers work with links all the time, and why not – they were once the main feature that everyone had to understand in order to conduct a viable SEO social media strategy Download only on WiFi. Links may be less important, but they are still a vital tracking element in a quality social strategy which is what I am going to walk you through today One-touch.

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Why Bother Focusing on Links At All?

Links used to be the way that Google would determine how relevant and credible your website is to their searchers online friends season 1 다운로드. These days they are used for a number of different content strategies employed by social media managers.

#1: Your Internal Link Network

Strategy: Blog SEO strategy

It’s no secret – building an internal link network for your blog is a must-have social media strategy rufus 다운로드. It will help you gain page rank, improves the navigation of your site and increases the virality of your older posts. In content strategy circles it’s called ‘deep-linking.’

• Embed keyworded links to other relevant blog posts in your post
• In blog series, create cyclical link networks that will encourage post exploration
• Internal links help crawlers find each post with ease

To-do: Add a single link or two from your blog, to improve your content asset value in each post Download the movie you're opening. Make sure these links lead to strategically placed content that is relevant to the reader and is not misleading at all.

#2: Your External Link Network

Strategy: Blog SEO strategy

The difference between internal and external links is that social media managers place external links leading off-site, to someone else’s information 렉시오 다운로드. You can leverage these if you are part of a blog network (promoting a friend’s post) or in general as part of your blog outreach program to attract attention from authority bloggers 나눔폰트 다운로드.

• Choose highly relevant, detailed information on authority blogs to link to
• Think of it as a ‘secondary service’ that you provide your reader
• Use it as an opportunity to attract and convert authority bloggers
• Only associate your blog with the best, your links need to be flawless

To-do: Research which authority blog posts add new dimensions to your information Apache http://. Include a keyworded link to that blog post in your post. Two or three is enough from different sources. Keep a list of the links that you use to convert them even further as part of your blog commenting strategy blob file.

link network

Courtesy of lkrsocialmedia.com

#3: Tracking Your Clicks

Strategy: Social Media Strategy

As a small business owner you don’t have time to work with a thousand different tools to get the feedback that you need to improve your marketing tactics on your social media pages. With one simple link tracking strategy addition, you can change that.

• Use bit.ly to shorten and track all of the links you use
• Get instant feedback on where, when and how people are using your links online
• Find out where most of your audience lives and how to appeal to them
• See which social networks are driving traffic to your links

To-do: Sign-up to bit.ly and start running all of your links through them. Seriously! When a social media manager wants to know WHEN to post for maximum ROI, I tell them to find out using bit.ly.

Do you think that links still have a place in your SEO social media strategy?

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