3 Social Media Trends That Will Explode in 2017

By on September 23, 2016

There are three months left before the end of yet another year. This could be a romantic view of how 2016 unfolded so far with its good or bad personal events. However, marketers should get their adaptability gear out of their closet and be ready for what 2017 has in store.

The big companies behind social media platforms are already sketching up plans on how to shape the future. This is a necessary stage in order to keep up with the evolution of the modern world and to remain relevant for the new generations to come. The world of marketing should also step into the future and design strategies to cash in on the impact that will be triggered by the upcoming innovations.

We sniffed around the statistics of the social media market to analyze what shapes these innovations will take and the possibilities that they bring. The following three social media trends that will explode in 2017 are the insights you need to adapt to in the future.

1.     The Only Direction for Facebook Is Up

Facebook already took social media by a storm by introducing its over one billion users to an even more personal digital experience through Live Video and 360° videos. Everybody still contemplates the endless possibilities that these social media features are making possible. So, what can we expect more from the giants from Facebook?

Well, the truth is that Facebook is far from hitting the finish line with their innovative projects, yet they are preparing something big for the world of social media. At the moment, Facebook is concentrated on the new technology of virtual reality. Mark Zuckerberg has already put together a team led by designers Michael Booth and Daniel James (both worked for international gaming companies) to deal entirely with the opportunities that VR can bring to social media.

Zuckerberg sees the future of social media developing entirely within the limitless virtual reality. That is why his company has already acquired Oculus Rift, the device that lets its user interact with the virtual world. His VR team is experimenting with bonding social media with the world of virtual reality, and the outcomes can only be revolutionary.

But Facebook has not stopped here. It stepped even further and started to build artificial intelligence. With this new project, keywords will remain in the past, as the guys from Facebook are planning to use their AI bots to track down all the posts and translate their purpose with a near human accuracy. This way, it is a matter of time before Facebook will find the secret to the perfect social media platform and use it to change the world we know now.

Facebook can already analyze an absurd number of 10,000 posts per second. However, the statistics show that there are 40,000 posts created every second on this social media platform, so they have a long way to go until they complete their work. The chances are that in 2017, Facebook will introduce VR and AI at their full capacity and the user experience and social media marketing will explode.

2.     Linkedin Will Hold the Key to The Professional World

While Facebook is a platform for B2C (Business to Customer) strategy, LinkedIn is the king of B2B (Business to Business). Things got very interesting the moment Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in 2016 at the price of $26 billion. Some might say that Microsoft is going through some failed investments starting with Nokia acquisition and ending with an overpriced investment in LinkedIn, but it is because of these two major events that LinkedIn is heading for greatness. That is why 2017 could be the year of LinkedIn rebirth.

Think about it. Microsoft is too big a company not to learn from its mistakes. After the disappointing enclosure of Nokia Company to their overall business, there are chances that Microsoft really thought its next move through this time. Plus, the Chief Executive, Satya Nadella, declared that LinkedIn would preserve the same strategy that brought professionals together all over the world so far. So, the only way for Microsoft to go up is integrating its new social platform of professionals in its old leading professional cloud.

Stats already show that LinkedIn is still a rockstar in the social media world. The website has a total of 450 million users, and two new members are joining every second. Additionally, it has become the main and most trusted source of content, which is constantly updated by its users. So, combining the LinkedIn force with some other Microsoft tools, like Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics will empower a more connected professional world.

“This combination will make it possible for new experiences such as a LinkedIn newsfeed that serve up articles based on the project you are working on and Office suggesting an expert to connect with via LinkedIn to help with a task you’re trying to complete.” stated the Chief Executive Satya Nadella.

3.     Snapchat Is Shaping the Future of Customer Care

There are 9,000 snaps posted every second by 200 million Snapchat users and growing. Even if marketers are ignoring this smart social media platform in favor for its juggernaut brothers, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Snapchat is catching up with the industry and even changing the rules.

The target audience for Snapchat is the younger generation aged 13 to 34 and the popularity it managed to raise in just five years of existence is due to its power to simulate real communication. On Snapchat, every post disappears after at least 10 seconds, and that’s exactly what a conversation needs to become authentic. This platform is trying to avoid the pitfall of reusing content and aims at always creating unique snaps.

Everybody is encouraged to show off their beautiful identity through video lenses, themes, emojis, and not just individuals, but brands also. Brands have no longer a disruptive presence in the feed, but they are actually contributing to the fun side of Snapchat.

That being said, what the future holds in store for Snapchat is a revolution in the customer care area. The customers will shift their interaction with companies from Facebook or Twitter because they expose their issues too much. Thus, Snapchat will be embraced by customers as it offers more privacy (the tickets have an expiration date) and because the conversations with brands will no longer be impersonal, but quite authentic which will change customer service into an enjoyable experience.

All in all, these are the three main social media trends that everybody should pay attention to in the upcoming year. The future looks exciting as social media platforms have a great potential to offer a seamless experience for both customers and publishers.

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