3 Types of Content You Can Implement for Social Media Engagement Right Now

By on May 15, 2018

We all know how important the Internet is in everyone’s life, so let’s skip talking about that part. But we also know what drives the Internet: content. It’s the essence of everything we see, everything we click on. Content.

If you want to promote a product, service, brand, or web project, guess what you’ll have to engage in: content marketing. It’s the first thing you’ll need to plan, and it will be the most important aspect of your entire marketing campaign.

There are two main things to keep in mind when engaging in content marketing:

  • You have to experiment with different types of content. If you realize that your audience is into long-form articles, that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t enjoy infographics. It would be a shame to limit yourself to a single type of content when there are so many options to explore Unprene DarkWeb.
  • It’s all about engagement! If you don’t trigger the interest and the actions of your target audience, publishing content is practically pointless. Where does this engagement mostly occur? – On social media, of course!

So what do we have? Different types of content and engagement. That’s the key to successful content marketing. Let’s combine these two aspects into a guide, shall we?

What types of content can trigger great engagement?

We’ll focus on three of them:

  1. Interactive Content

Since we’re talking about content that engages people on social media, interactive content is the first option that comes to mind Download the top 10 clamors. It’s the kind of content that triggers action in the form of comments, shares, likes, or other type of engagement.

According to a case study published by Inboundli, optimizing landing pages with interactive content in one case, a landing page that hosted a mobile app calculator got a click through rate of 66%, and a conversion rate of 40%. When compared to the average landing page conversion rate of 2.35%, that’s a huge improvement. That shows how powerful interactive content is.

So what kind of interactive content do you feature? It comes in several forms, but we’ll stick to the three most effective ones:

  • Quizzes

You’ve certainly seen your Facebook friends sharing their results from BuzzFeed quizzes. When you’re intrigued by the quiz, you click on it and you’re taken to the website. From there on, the website engages you in other ways.

Why is a quiz so successful 어시장 삼대째? First of all, it breaks the pattern of reading and scrolling, which most Internet users are used to. It’s something different. Plus, it’s personalized. If the quiz is good enough, they will feel like the result defines them. They will certainly share it on social media, and that’s the kind of engagement you need.

So how do you create an intriguing quiz?

  • Come up with a great idea, which is related to your brand in some way. If, for example, you’re trying to promote an online flower shop, you can create a “What kind of flower are you?” quiz.
  • The result should be written for one person 구글 드라이브 공유 다운로드. The person who reads this should feel like you really know them. That’s why it’s important to ask insightful questions and offer answers that tell you something about this person. Then, the quiz will give them results that “define their personality.”
  • Surveys

In its format, the survey is quite similar to a quiz: the user gets questions and multiple choice answers. However, they don’t get personalized answers. Instead, they give you the information you need to improve different aspects of your business.

How do surveys engage the audience? Everyone wants to be part of the development or improvement of a product or service they like. People like giving their opinions. If, for example, they buy a product for the first time, they would be glad to give you some feedback, so you can improve it in a way they would like better 맥 폴더 아이콘 다운로드.

Where does social media come in? Well, it’s the perfect platform for promoting your surveys. You can even rely on Facebook or Twitter polls, which directly engage your audience on social media. They won’t have to follow a link; they will just pick their option and give you the data you need.

  • Infographics

The infographic is a great format for sharing a lot of data in an easy-to-digest format. An interactive infographic is even better. It does the same, but it also engages the audience with maps, embedded questions that present answers, and other interactive elements.

A study from 2013 showed that infographics were more viral than any other kind of content 국민체조 음악 다운로드. There’s a lot of potential in a simple infographic. When you make it interactive, it’s even more useful for your content marketing campaign.

  1. Live Streaming

Live streaming is getting bigger by the day. On Instagram, in particular, this method is getting loads of attention. Through the Instagram Stories feature, people are sharing moments of their days. Since these stories last for only 24 hours, people are intrigued to share more, knowing that they won’t spam the feeds of their followers. Social media users are watching these streams, too, since they satisfy their need for entertainment and information Download the heavens.

Lots of businesses are already including live streaming in their content marketing campaigns. Take Cody as an example.

This is the future of content marketing. So how can you explore live streaming for brand promotion?

  • Provide tips and tricks through live streaming. The videos don’t have to be of finest quality. The point of live streaming is the genuine, spontaneous vibe you express through the videos.
  • Show the audience how things go behind the scenes. Make this as personal and authentic as possible.
  • Engage them! Instagram, in particular, allows you to add links to your stories 롤리팝 5.0 다운로드. Call your audience to action – when they visit the link, they will get more of what they are looking for.
  • Schedule Q&A sessions. Your followers will ask their questions through messages or through comments on your last public post, and you’ll be answering them via live streaming.
  1. Memes    

Be honest: how many times have you lost it over a meme? There was a random discussion on social media, and then someone posted a hilarious meme that made you LOL. That’s the main point of attraction that memes have: humor. That’s why many people use social media in the first place – to relax and find something funny.

Another great thing about memes is that they don’t demand advanced graphic design skills 건강365 다운로드. A tool like Quick Meme or Meme Generator is enough to get you started.

Now, the main question is: how do you use memes in your content marketing campaign? You don’t need a special occasion to share a meme. Just think of something funny, which would show the humorous side of your brand. Think of something that would make your target audience laugh, create the meme, and share away!

The most important thing to keep in mind is that when it comes to memes, referencing pop culture is a must.

Experiment with Content: Find Out What Works 플립영화!

With so many options in content marketing, it’s important to keep exploring and experimenting. Your audience will certainly enjoy multiple types of content; you just need to find out what they are.

Have you ever relied on interactive content, live streaming, and memes in your content marketing campaign? How did that work out for you? Please, share the impressions, so we can all learn from each other.

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