4 Compelling Reasons to be on Instagram

By on February 6, 2015

Is Instagram for you?

More brands should be asking themselves this question in our ever more social media world. With over 300 million users, and having been recently named as the fastest-growing social site, Instagram can be a great platform to reach a valuable demographic — 18 to 34 age bracket, largely urban, and skewed towards women vim.

So, what kind of brands are likely going to work on Instagram? For brands targeting millennials, it’s the site to be on. According to comScore Mobile Trends 2014, millennials spend about 439 minutes per month on Instagram via their smartphones Cheat. That number is not expected to drop.

Brands that are photogenic like apparel and entertainment should be on there as well. A lot of influencers are there Pomtech Design Pro. They can’t afford to NOT be there.

Here are 4 other reasons why Instagram may just be worth the time and effort you will need to put in to build your brand:

#1: It’s mobile Download Singsung Sung.

Why this matters: when it comes to digital media consumption, mobile time is surpassing desktop time. Mobile access to the internet kicked up quite a bit of dust as it left access via web behind abzu. The numbers are impressive: 100 million daily active users and 20 billion shared photos.

#2: It has higher engagement rates.

Forrester Research validated what most keen social media observers have noticed for quite a while — people don’t really engage with branded content all that much Download Lenovo Vantage. However, when it came to Instagram, it found that users of the site were 58% more likely to engage with with brand content over Facebook users. When compared with Twitter users, Instagram users were 120% more likely to interact with branded posts ds video 다운로드. So when it comes to reaching audiences on social media, Instagram is the place for brands to be on.

#3: It allows for great visual story-telling and easier sharing Download the medical books.

Marketers worth their salt already know this — on social media, visual content is king. Instagram’s easy to use platform and fantastic ability to showcase visual content is one of the main reasons that engagement is high Download flash source. Instagram has tapped into the need of its users to share their stories through pictures as well as to consume stories that are told in pictures. When stories are easier to share and understand, it also makes interaction easier yum rpm 다운로드.

#4: It’s a great place to spot trends.

Given the atmosphere of easy sharing as well as the presence of influencers, Instagram lends itself as a place of inspiration and the development of trends. So if you’re brand needs to be on top of trends… again…you cannot afford to NOT be on Instagram.

It’s been said that pictures are worth a thousand words. On Instagram, 20 billion pictures have been shared. Now, that’s a lot of words.

To explore more on how businesses are using Instagram to build their respective brands, read here.

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