4 Cruel Lies Your Social Media Managers Tell You

By on July 22, 2013
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Social media managers are all the rage right now, but not all of them are ethical. In an age where you need to protect yourself from unscrupulous business dealings, it’s best to know the little ‘white’ lies your team member is telling you Hello Coco Mont. Today, I’m focusing on the tiny untruths that infest good business relationships in social media.

#1: Look at The Numbers and The Charts

Social media is still so new that corporate managers are charging the earth for basic social marketing, and not actually doing anything real for your business True image. A fan increase does not mean you have more fans, and numbers can be dressed up to look great.

I heard of a social media manager that gave verbal updates to his boss for 6 months before he was fired Download the Google Chrome plugin. “Fan count up by 60%,” may sound impressive but on closer inspection – those fans were bought.

The social media manager paid $20.00 to have fake accounts sign up on their Facebook page 애플 아이튠즈. So after 6 months when the boss wanted to know why there were no interactions or sales from that page…well. Fired! Always look at the numbers.

#2: Complements Can Be Forged

There is a trend with inexperienced social media managers, where they create fake accounts of their own to make it appear like the brand is getting positive feedback 게임 어떻게 다운로드. The only problem with this little lie is that you don’t have any REAL fans that will really interact and buy your products or services.

This lie falls apart soon enough, when your apparent ‘fans’ start repeating themselves Download Freedom Movie. Every month the business owner or team leader should properly investigate the ‘authenticity’ of your new fans. This needs to be part of your social media policy 무비 메이커.

#3: Deleting Bad PR Before The Boss Sees It

Imagine if your small business or brand is going head to head with your customers, but you don’t even know about it 노인을 위한 나라는 없다 다운로드! Social media managers are people too, and when you work online all day your moods can translate in the way you respond to customers.

Social Media lies

Courtesy of ignite.me

When this happens the guilty social media manager will often delete the whole post – but the damage has been done 갤럭시 그랜드 맥스 다운로드. What goes online stays online.

Sometimes you may even find a ‘champion’ customer joining in on the argument. A little digging may reveal the argumentative and blunt customer, is actually your social media manager pretending to sympathize with your brand CaptureOne Express.

#4: The More Social Accounts The Better

An untrustworthy social media manager will tell you to sign up for dozens of social accounts. Heck, they may even recommend that your business has these accounts for each department. This is insane, and it’s downright wrong. A single brand should have no more than one main account for each social platform, this way resources are consolidated.

It is not the job of your social media manager to build you profiles and make your identity online look pretty. It’s their job to get you results. If you aren’t getting results from your social media managers after 3 months, look into it. Chances are they have been telling you some little white lies, or as I like to call them ‘cruel’ lies.

Have you ever been told a little white lie by a social media manager or expert?

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