4 New Ways Social Media Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

By on August 12, 2016

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Your social media presence is not limited to making your customers aware of your brand. It’s a space in which clients interact amongst themselves, and where you can interact with them as well. This might seem fairly obvious, but you should prioritize talking with your community above all else when it comes to social media. Customers expect it, and if you don’t use these platforms to improve their satisfaction, you’re not using them to their fullest.

1.  Don’t Ignore Feedback

Whether it’s good or bad, you should make an effort to reply to every comment that’s related to your business. Positive feedback is easy to work with, but you shouldn’t assume that it’s enough to just have a customer say something nice about your products. You should at least acknowledge their praise with a thanks, and make them feel like their opinion is truly appreciated.

When it comes to negative feedback, just leaving it alone is not an option. A bad comment can generate an entire tidal wave of criticism. And negative comments tend to garner more attention than positive ones. If you spot a situation that runs the risk of turning into something bigger, nip it in bud, before it gets out of hand. A few negative comments are much easier to handle than a whole community criticizing your business, and negativity has a way of snowballing on the internet. Plus, successfully dealing with negative feedback is going to enhance your brand’s image to a far greater extent than just collecting positive comments.

Take care to give every comment its due respect, and understand the situation from your customer’s perspective. If you see a pattern of complaints, there might a deeper, underlying issue there. Talk to them, try to find a satisfactory solution.

2.  Encourage Your User to Engage with Your Company

If the comments section of your social media page is not very active, you should encourage your followers to give you feedback. It can be a really good way to adapt and adjust to their needs, and improve your products and services, even if there are no major complaints. Ask them if they are satisfied with your company, and where they feel there’s room for improvement.

Negative feedback is easy too deal with, if addressed in a timely fashion. And plus, if you ask for constructive criticism yourself, you’re going to send a really positive message to your customers. It’s going to tell them that you are prepared to take the good with the bad, and you care more about their satisfaction, than having a spotless public image.

You can also encourage your customers to leave feedback via online surveys. If you find they’re reluctant to spend time completing these surveys, throw in a little treat to make it worthwhile. You can get more information with a survey, and the anonymity will help them provide you with more honest answers.

3.  Build a Community

People are part of many different communities while they are online. Make your company’s page one of these communities. To do that, you need to invest a little more time in your online presence. The sense of a community should not be built around your products and services, but rather, around a central idea, the guiding philosophy behind your business.

The first thing you want to do is to diversify your online content, and share things that are not strictly related to your products. Humanize your brand’s personality. This will help your customers relate with your brand on a deeper level, and it will also increase the level of interaction amongst themselves.

You can also try to get a viral campaign going. People are always impressed when companies try to take a novel approach towards their own business. Of course, creating content with mass appeal is very tricky, and the outcome is not guaranteed. Practice and experimentation are the key to success. Take some hints from some of the best viral campaigns done in the past. Remember, however, that internet trends change incredibly fast, and you’ll need to take every good idea and see how you can adapt it to current trends.

4.  Be Quick to React

The internet is all about speed. Things fall out of fashion within a matter of hours. No matter how you choose to engage with your customers, you need to be quick about it. Even waiting a single day can make you miss the opportunity to capitalize on a trend, or generate viral content.

This is not limited to replying to comments. Maybe your customers get into a conversation in your comments section, and come up with an idea for a novel product. Make a mock-up of that product, or pretend like you’re actually taking steps to create it. The more absurd, the better. Keep the conversation ongoing. Remember that you are not just working on short term customer satisfaction, you’re trying to build a loyal community.

To maximize employer satisfaction via social media platforms, you need to make your company seem approachable.  Social media pages should definitely be informative, but they should be entertaining as well. With over 50 million small businesses using currently using Facebook, there’s a lot of opportunity to learn from other experiences. Experimentation is key if you want to seize the next big social media opportunity.  

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