4 Social Media Marketing Strategies to Implement in 2020

By on January 31, 2020

Guest post from Kennedy Cee, founder of ClientsValley.

Since 1997, when the first social media site was launched, social media has grown from a channel to personally interact with family and friends to a huge marketing platform.

According to Buffer in their State of Social 2019 report, 89% of marketers see social media as an important marketing tool every business must take advantage of.

As promising as this is, so many businesses are not getting desired results from their social media marketing efforts Download iPhone App Store data.

This is quite sad.

It’s possible that your social media campaigns did not yield a positive outcome in 2019 and you’re considering ditching it for other marketing strategies.

For what it’s worth, there’s never a 100% guarantee that your social media campaign will deliver great ROI in comparison to the effort, time, and money invested.

This is largely because social media marketing is what I call Intrusive Marketing.

This doesn’t change the fact that social media is a great avenue to attract premium clients to your business – if done right.

There’s a reason why your social media marketing efforts don’t deliver desired results – actually, two reasons e알리미 다운로드.

The first is that your messages are not resonating with your ideal clients on social media. Your content is sabotaging your marketing goals. This, though rare, is a possible reason your social media marketing efforts isn’t working.

The second reason is that you’re strategies are either obsolete or aren’t effective. This is the major reason you don’t get results.

You could craft a great social media content with the right message. But, if your strategy is faulty, you’ll end up wasting time, effort and money on a campaign.

I’m sure you wouldn’t want that to be your lot anymore this year Mx master.

Hence, I’ll share with you 4 social media strategies that’ll ensure you make the most of your social media marketing campaigns.

  1. Get on the Wagon of Stories Ad

Everyone likes a good story. When the story is also laced with visual content, it’s even more engaging.

Since the introduction of Stories across social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, there has been significant increase in the engagement it drives for brands and businesses.

As of January 2019, Instagram records more than 500 million daily active Stories users across the globe 큐베이스 크랙.

This has become a smarter way to engage social media users than the news feeds.

People spend time on stories than they do scrolling through their feeds.

Interestingly, it was designed to be interactive and continuous. You just need to start one and the story rolls.

As potentially viable as this might be in the 2020 online marketing setup, you still have to do it right to get the right results.

They say a picture tells a million stories.

Be intentional on the kind of images you will use on your Stories ad. Let the images be compelling enough to make a prospective client want to reach out to you.

Matter of fact, set it up like it’s the only thing your potential client needs to make them reach out to you Download Mr. Shen Shine Episode 1.

  1. Do Not Overlook Social Media Messaging Apps

Messaging apps have helped a lot of businesses engage with potential clients on a personal level.

This is further heightened by the need to have some level of privacy on social media.

Messaging apps like Messenger and WhatsApp has provided business owners the opportunity to have a one-to-one interaction with their potential clients.

The benefits are enormous.

One outstanding benefit is the ease with which you can close a client or get them to take a particular action.

WhatsApp, for instance, has grown to be a very effective channel for high customer engagement and building of trust Download War of the Bells.

The privacy it affords your potential clients makes them tell you anything, share their challenges with you, and trust that they won’t make their way into public space.

If you want to build direct and meaningful relationship with your clients, then don’t overlook social media messaging apps.

  1. Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is becoming a hot subject in the online marketing space.

Matter of fact, you can’t talk about planning an effective social media marketing campaign and leave out influencer marketing 헨리의 책.

In case you’re wondering, “what the hell is influencer marketing?”

For starters, Influencer marketing is a sort of collaboration between a marketer and an influential person to promote a product or service.

This isn’t a new concept.

Back in the day, brands used to contract popular and influential people to promote their products either on TV or billboards.

A good example is when Coca Cola used Barbie to promote their ads in the 90s.

The whole essence is to sell to your potential clients using someone they’re familiar with.

Fast forward to 2020 Download Hmm2.

Influencer marketing has taken a social media path that businesses can no longer ignore.

Today you have Instagram influencers and YouTubers with a crazy high number of subscribers running into millions.

These people have become influential on social media that more than half of their followers will start using a particular brand of boxer shorts or lingerie if they disclosed it – and if they could afford it though.

Matter of fact, 50% of online marketers in the United States and United Kingdom invest at least one-tenth of their marketing budget on influencer marketing.

The truth is that there are a plethora of influencers out there that can help you boost your reach on social media 유희왕 apk.

However, you don’t want to collaborate with just any influencer.

There are three important things you must consider before involving any influencer for your social media marketing:

  • You have to ascertain the relevance of the influencer’s content to your business. You can be offering legal services then use a fashion-focused influencer for your social media marketing campaign.
  • You also need to ascertain how many of the influencer’s followers pass as your potential clients. An influencer could have 100 million followers and just about a few hundreds of them are potential clients.
  • What’s the engagement the influencer gets when he makes post that relate to your products or service? This will help you ascertain the level of engagement you get from working with the influencer.

You should also look out for nano-influencers Download the movie Clean. These ones may not have millions of followers but the couple thousand followers they have take everything they say hook, line, and sinker.

  1. Video Content is Still a Killer

This will be merely stating the obvious.

A video content will trump any other kind of content any day, any time.

People engage more with your video content on social media than they do with your written content.

This year, you’ll want to post a lot more of video content across your social media channels if you desire quality and increased engagement with your potential clients.

Going into the Field of Play…

The strategies I mentioned above are quite simple to implement. However, you need to be consistent and religiously follow through so as to effectively deploy them into your social media marketing plan this year.

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