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By on October 4, 2013
Email landing

An email landing page on your blog or website is one of the most important elements for direct sales conversions as you grow as a business, and social media marketer Download Zootopia Dubbing. Putting together a basic landing page is easy, but transforming this page into a high-conversion masterpiece takes time and split testing. Today I’m helping you speed up the process Annie Pet!

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Creating High Conversion Email Landing Pages

An email landing page consists of the usual – a powerful headline, a strong sub-heading, a strategic image, a conversion-centric opt-in form, and some great calls to action 경제 세미나 다운로드. Variations of this formula include adding content, and designing your navigation in specific ways.

But what do you need to know to improve these features location.href 다운로드?

#1: According to Litmus Email Analytics, as of August 2013, more email is read on mobile devices than on desktops 엡손 프린터. That’s a whopping 47% of your intended audience that is looking for mobile-compliant email landing pages. How does yours look?

Crafting an award-winning landing page on your blog is great, but if it looks weak on mobile phones then poof Download the keymacro! There goes a lot of potential conversions.

#2: As a small business social manager you should be split testing your email landing pages Download like a movie. No, really! It’s not even that hard. All you need is a good tool to do it. I would suggest using a paid tool (they are worth it) like Instapage, or Optimizely to get your sign-ups where they need to be for desktop and mobile traffic conversions Ms Office 2010 Korean edition.

If you work with WordPress, you can do your split testing right in your backend – by using a plugin like Optimizepress or Premise 쥬얼리게임. It’s fun, easy and it gets you those results you need.

Email landing

Courtesy of unbounce.com

#3: Make your email landing page a ‘linkable asset.’ That ‘extra content’ that most marketers leave out, is invaluable! It transforms your landing page into a page worth citing for other niche experts in your field. Virality explodes when you create a linkable asset landing page.

I would suggest using content that is rare, unique or completely exclusive. SEO power! This includes free downloads, like e-books, whitepapers, videos, webinars and podcasts.

*Please note that SMImpact or SMMU does not benefit in any way by recommending these plugins to you – they are just awesome. Fact.

#4: If only you had real time testimonials constantly running on your email landing page! Well, a simple Twitter plugin can do that – or even a basic WordPress plugin like Testimonial Slider or Simple Slider. Just add lots of new testimonials to it every single week. Why every week? Because relevance and testimonials are a powerful combo!

• Boy this is an incredible email list! (Gary 2011)
• Wow this is an excellent email list! (Gary, October 2013)

Which one has the most weight? The second one of course! People want to know that your email list is active, useful and CURRENT. Keep it populated with dated, current testimonials for a Goku-like power boost.

By using these great email landing page tips, you can double, even triple the results that you get for your opt-ins right now. Go ahead and try them, then come back here and let me know how it went. You want instant results, and we help you get them!

Do you know of a powerful email landing page tip that will help your fellow SM Impact readers improves their own email lists? Share it here!

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