4 Ways to Keep Customer Data Secure on Social Media

By on August 28, 2019

With the current social media trends, customer care is an important part of digital marketing. Brands are in constant competition to become better and stand out. The way brands interact on social media defines them in the market and makes them more prominent in the market.

In a recent study, it was found that almost 93 percent of the brand tweets are one on one with the customers. This makes only a small percentage for the traditional content Download the smartphone gallery. While interacting with the customers is an imperative part of any business, a more important aspect is to protect the customer’s privacy. This is exactly what we will be discussing in our article today. Below, we have four ways to keep customer data secure on social media.

#1 – Train your Agents

An important part of customer care is making sure your customer care agents are aware of customer security. They should also be aware of the necessary tools needed to deal with the customers. Moreover, the agents should also be trained to differentiate between the data type that should be exchanged with the customers and that which shouldn’t be 영화 컨택트.

Companies should also be aware of weak password hazards unless you have a strong password policy, you are exposing your company to potential risks. Every employee or agent that has an account in collaboration with your company is unintentionally exposing your company to risks. You can put off this risk by using complex passwords that include characters, numbers, and symbols. You can add uppercase and lowercase letters to make it even more difficult to decipher.

The more protected your employee accounts are, the less exposed they will be towards leaking customer data ai program. Additionally, implement two-factor authentication to make your account more secure and less prone to outside threats.

# 2 – Customer Authentication

The internet can be a great place if you know how to protect yourself. This can be done through various security authentication software. In ideal circumstances, the digital marketing services provider that you have hired must have a plan to streamline the customer authentication procedure. Preferably, authentication must be done over the digital media. Over the platform that your customer has chosen to communicate.

At this point, an important decision needs to be made, whether the customer needs to shift to a more secure messaging channel or they should remain at the original channel for further interrogation Download Pendor's Prophecy 3.9.4. It is highly recommended for businesses to have their messaging channels. This channel is owned by the brand and provides encryption to sensitive customer data. To save time and money, it is better than the channel that is integrated into your social platform and not a separate technology.

# 3 – Data Encryption

Data encryption is not the only way you can protect your customer’s data. But it provides the additional security layer that could help you stay protected. Encryption can help you keep data secure and make it unreadable to any intruder 배치파일 파일 다운로드. You can use this technique to protect sensitive information from internal as well as external hacking. An SSL certificate will be helpful to create a link between your brand’s website and the customer’s browser.

Another important aspect of data encryption is by using a strong password. As mentioned above strong passwords are more complex combinations of words, symbols, and numbers. Additionally, strong passwords should not be made up of information like obvious numbers like name, company’s name, and date of birth, etc. Moreover, all script, applications, and software must be up-to-date 도현체. Any outdated applications are more prone to potential risks.

If you are unable to implement a secure channel for communication. You can transfer your conversations on your mobile device. Although security is a top priority, it is also important to provide good services to your customers digitally. Transferring conversations to your device will also make communication more prompt from your side.  Another important way to ensure security is through scanning all devices that you are attaching your system to 탐식의 재림. This includes any hard drives, USBs and external systems.

 #4 – Use a Wiping Software

All electronic devices store whatever the piece of information was passed through them, whether you have deleted it or not. This makes your employee’s devices highly susceptible to risks and threats, especially of the device is stolen or lost. In that case, you are exposed to additional risks. Imagine the number of data breaches you will have to suffer.

However, there is a simple solution to it. All you need to do is install a remote wiping software on your device 안드로이드 ffmpeg. A remote wiping software will remove everything on the hard drive. Once you have erased everything from the hard drive, no recovery software can bring back the data. Moreover, this software erases any previous data which has been deleted as well. Erasing every single piece of information on the device.

Buying a wiping software alone will not be sufficient. You must update it regularly as well. A lot of software give an option to update automatically to defend against potential viruses. Keeping yourself updated helps keep online threats at bay starsuite 다운로드. Acting upon a threat promptly will help address the issue in a better way. Most businesses suffer because they ignore the threat and they feel it will go away. However, this can lead to heavy losses and regret later.


A misconception among businesses is that security measures will be a blow on their budget. They consider this as a luxury and consequently suffer at the hands of hackers. They fail to understand that protecting customer data is their responsibility 디즈니 시트콤. If they are collecting it and keeping it, it becomes their responsibility to protect it. Respecting the privacy of your customers helps develop trust as well. Additionally, make sure that you have a privacy policy that reassures the customers that their data is protected. A well thought out security plan will not, in any way, cause a dent in your project resources. It will be like a precautionary measure against a bigger threat.

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