5 Awesome Facebook WordPress Plugin Ideas For Your Blog #Facebook

By on February 20, 2014

A Facebook wordpress plugin can help pull traffic from your blog or business website to your Facebook page. As you know, building a highly engaging Facebook page is never a bad thing as it will help small business owners connect, share and sell to customers Fall Sonata. Today I am looking at 5 awesome plugins that can help spread your community to your Facebook page.

A good Facebook WordPress plugin is quite a subjective thing, but there are some key elements you should look for once you have found one that suits your blog aesthetics Download ms office 2003.

#1: The Ultimate Shop Import To Facebook

If you happen to have an extremely nice Woocommerce store on your website, why not import it to Facebook and sell directly from your business page Joey more fashion? A lot of Facebook users are unaware that your page can be fully customized to do amazing things.

By adding this Facebook WordPress plugin to your blog or website, it will import your shop into Facebook in a few minutes, creating a whole new direct revenue platform for your business 으르렁 mp3. Need to leverage those group sales? Add this plugin!

Plugin name: StoreYa

#2: The Contest Plugin You Desperately Need

One of my favorite Facebook WordPress Plugin ideas comes in the form of this handy little contest plugin Download Soulmate. It’s Mailchimp compliant and must be installed on your Facebook page, which makes setting up contests really easy.

The plugin allows you to create a number of contest templates for your next campaign Babmix. This is great for both sharing and promoting your page. All you need are your details.

Plugin name: WordPress Facebook Contest Plugin

#3: Take Your Blog and Put it Into Facebook 위닝2020!

I love this next Facebook WordPress plugin, because it allows you to place your blog feed directly onto your Facebook business page. That means your Facebook fans can read your posts there, and comment, share or engage on a much more ‘conversation-friendly’ platform 인피니티 워.

Facebook WordPress plugin

Courtesy of wpexplorer.com

Excellent for bloggers that want to extend the reach of their blog, or online sellers that need to attract Facebook users to their e-commerce pages via blog content 마구마구 다운로드.

Plugin name: Woof!

#4: Don’t Let Users Leave Your Blog Without a Chance to Like You

With this Facebook WordPress plugin, every time a reader clicks an outbound link to leave your blog, a pop-up box will appear containing your Facebook feed, and the opportunity for that reader to like your page emeditor 다운로드.

If you need to ramp up your cross promotion, and get more people loving your Facebook page, this is one plugin you may want to split test.

Plugin name: Exit Through Facebook Like

#5: The Power of Video and Facebook Combined

The final Facebook WordPress plugin on my list, locks down your videos until a fan likes your Facebook page. This way, you gain a new fan every time someone wants to view one of your great videos on your blog or website.

Plugin name: Facebook Like To Watch WordPress

Use these five great Facebook plugins to expand your presence on the social network and on your owned media sites. There are so many ways to boost your readership and fan base with plugins, and improve your cross promotion techniques. Grab one of these and see how they improve your social strategy in the coming months. They work!

Have you found a Facebook plugin that drastically improves your conversions? Tell me about it here!

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