5 Best Video Sharing Scripts for Launching a Video Sharing Website

By on March 27, 2018

YouTube, the world’s largest video-sharing website is inching progressively towards 1.4 billion users. In 2006, Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how much Google has grown after acquiring YouTube. Teens and millennials love videos. It’s a great idea to launch a video sharing website and monetize the same. Given the numerous choices, selecting the right YouTube Clone script is easier said than done.  To help you in your journey, we have created this article on 5 best YouTube Clone scripts wincvs 다운로드.

Let’s get started.

YouTube Clone Script #1: YouPHPTube

YouPHPTube is an open source video CMS solution which allows you to make money using Google AdSense. As the name suggests, this open source solution is written in PHP. It assists you in easily downloading and encoding the videos from popular video-sharing sites like Vimeo, YouTube, DailyMotion etc 워드 프로세서 무료. User registration process is simple. You can make use of Google and Facebook login to get it done. It’s easy to install and there are tutorials to help you install YouPHPTube on Ubuntu server.

YouTube Clone Script #2: StreamTube

StreamTube is yet another open source video solution with a robust business model and a battery of monetization channels Download maroon 5 maps. The key to create brand awareness is to grab quality organic traffic. This YouTube clone script has several built-in capabilities to make your video sharing website search engine optimized. You can let users create multiple channels. From its Dynamic Admin panel, you can monitor the profiles of individuals. In case anybody is found violating the laws of your website, you can ban them Download the smi file.

It is a well-known fact that an estimated 50% of YouTube videos are watched on smartphones. StreamTube provides apps on Android and iOS platforms. When it comes to video ads management, users can decide where and how the ads will be displayed.

YouTube Clone Script #3: ClipShare

ClipShare lets you create outstanding video sharing websites Download Mastorider Wizard. This PHP YouTube clone script is built-in with a powerful video transcoding engine which converts the uploaded videos into web-ready and mobile-ready formats. Thanks to its responsive templates, users can watch on desktops, smartphones, tablets and laptops with effortless ease. Its source code is 100% un-encrypted ftl 다운로드. This gives you the flexibility of customizing not only the functionality but also layout of your video sharing website. More than 30 video formats are supported and you can get your site started in not more than an hour.

YouTube Clone Script #4: ClipBucket

ClipBucket has a host of advanced features that help you launch a site like YouTube, Hulu, Metacafe etc 2pm Download my house. This YouTube clone script provides two types of adaptive streaming solutions – HLS and Dash. The choice of adaptive streaming is left to the discretion of the admin.

This video sharing script provides advanced stats such as the number of users, number of new users, video and photo uploads, video views based on regions and countries, detailed charts of user earnings, etc apple software update. You are at liberty to download the graphs and get well acquainted with key performance metrics. Its player ads manager is topnotch. Right from adding pre-roll and mid-roll ads to banner ads, you can add every type of ad in local videos.

YouTube Clone Script #5: PHP Melody

This self-hosted video sharing CMS has been in the multi-billion video sharing industry for the past 9 years Download roll gos. It’s known for its no-fuss and low-friction trait. This CMS works perfectly on any hosting account. To take the social component of your video sharing website to the next best possible level, it enables users to signup / login with Facebook and Google accounts.

Customer support is solid. You can import videos from YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion by leveraging PHP Melody’s powerful APIs Android Push. It just takes 3 simple clicks to do so.


There are tons of articles on how to make a video sharing website but it doesn’t any make sense if you falter in the choice of selection of video sharing scripts. When you decide on a YouTube clone script, watch for features such as multiple monetization channels, support for multiple languages, robust ads manager, low-friction and adaptive streaming, scalable architecture, customer support and affordability.

Do let us know your thoughts by sharing your comments with us. Our best wishes are with you and your video sharing website. Cheers!

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