5 Clever Ways to Use Personalization with Social Media

By on August 6, 2019

We all like that warm, fuzzy feeling that someone is speaking directly to us as individuals. It’s nice to know that someone cares, even — or especially — if that “someone” is a brand. In addition to the emotional benefits, there’s something to be said for doing away with the clutter and only presenting audience members with content, offers and calls-to-action that are relevant to them.

Indeed, personalization is a strong trend in the world of marketing, pushing successful customer interactions, driving conversions, and boosting profits Download the javascript url file.

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According to one recent study, 98% of professional marketers agree that personalization improves customer relationships. About 90% say that personalized marketing has brought a measurable lift to the effectiveness of their efforts, with 24% reporting a lift of more than 21%.

But while they agree that personalization is effective, only 40% of marketers feel moderately confident that they’re getting it right Black Panther high definition. That’s a huge gap between the acknowledged importance of personalization and marketers’ reported success in implementing it.

To help close that gap, we’ve gathered five clever ways for agencies and freelancers to use personalization in social media marketing campaigns.

1. Personalized Ad Creative

Today, marketers can choose from a few different tactics to personalize the creative in their social ads, in order to drive more visitors with purchase intent to their clients’ landing pages.

Dynamic Ad Content

You can get even more sophisticated about personalized ads when you use dynamic ads on Facebook queen mp3 다운로드. These allow you to make an ad template that pulls content from your client’s website to personalize your ad creative.

Dynamic ads show different content to different audience members, based on their previous interactions with your client’s product catalog. You can even set up the campaign to display image overlays superimposed on your product visuals, displaying badges with your prices, shipping terms or whatever else makes sense.


You already use segmentation and audience personas to prepare targeted marketing campaigns for different segments of your clients’ audience 폼페이 최후의 날. Now, just apply the same parameters for demographics, interests, or customer journey phase segments to create hyper targeted social media ads.

Design a few variations of your social media ad, then set the campaign targeting to display each ad to one relevant audience. Using a video maker tool like Yala, which offers a super simple editing process, you won’t need to get bogged down in the process of creating all of the variants. Plus, Yala’s library of authentic, original footage that emphasizes emotions can go a long way towards commanding attention when audience members scroll through their crowded newsfeeds 넷마블 모두의쿠키 다운로드.


Retargeting isn’t always thought of as a form of personalization, but it essentially allows you to personalize ads based on the customer’s previous interactions with your client’s business.

So if someone visited your client’s carrot juicer site and compared different models, but didn’t get as far as making a purchase, you could set your retargeting pixels to show them a social media ad offering a 10% discount on carrot juicers.

2. Personalized Landing Pages

Personalized ad copy is awesome, but you don’t want to lose momentum by sending every customer to the same generic landing page ppt free. You also don’t have the time to design a different landing page for each personalized ad variant. That’s where Duda’s design platform can help.

Imagine you’re running a social media marketing campaign for your client that targets customers in 20 different cities across the US. You’ve created ads with location-specific copy and geo-targeting for each city, but creating 20 different landing pages would be a major hassle.

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Instead, you can create a single landing page, and then set the Duda personalization engine to insert personalized content where applicable, as triggered by location UTM tags in the destination URLs for each ad variant. This makes it easy for agencies to scale up on their personalized marketing services.

3. Personalized Sales Funnels

Let’s take the concept of personalized ads and personalized landing pages one step further by turning them into a sequence of touch points along a sophisticated sales funnel quicktime.

With dynamic text replacement on your clients’ webpages, together with information about the customer’s location, device, campaign tags, as well as past interactions, you can create a website that is personalized for each visitor and serve up ads that take into account exactly where they’re at in their decision making processes.

A smart marketing automation setup makes it easy to set up a series of rules that display different widgets, CTAs, and special offers to different visitors. So the carrot juicer customer in Brooklyn who subscribed to your newsletter a few weeks ago and clicked on a social media retargeting ad on her smartphone will be shown a different landing page, special shipping offer, and product suggestion than a first-time visitor in Des Moines who arrived through an Instagram post Download New People.

4. Personalized Video Content

Another way to really wow your clients is to create personalized social video content for their audience members to share through social media. With organic reach for brands plummeting on social newsfeeds, creating share-worthy assets is a great way to get customers involved with promotional campaigns.

Cadbury’s ran a Facebook marketing campaign in Australia that took information (with permission) about their fans’ ages, locations and interests, added profile photos, and used it to create short videos that matched the individual recipient with a flavor of chocolate 탐정학원q.

Lexus did something similar to launch their NX model, making over 1,000 highly targeted short social media video ads, leveraging rich audience data to share each clip with a hyper-targeted audience. Each video took a different approach to promoting the charms of the Lexus NX, such as travel, safety, or speed.

5. Personalized Social Chatbot Conversations

Social media chatbots offer an excellent opportunity to run personalized social media interactions at scale for your clients 삼국지11. By combining machine learning and clever algorithms, you can use the information you’ve already gathered to power a friendly one on one conversation.

This strengthens the customer relationship for your clients and gives you the opportunity to gather even more useful customer data for future personalized marketing campaigns.

And if you set up your chat flows right, you can even steer people towards purchases.

Personalization for Marketing Lift

There are so many ways for your freelance business or agency to add personalization to the social media campaigns you run for clients. From personalized ad copy and landing pages to a customized website experience, personalized social media videos, and chatbots conversations, personalization stretches much further today than any marketer could have believed.

Help your clients connect with their customers on a personal level and add value to their campaigns.

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