5 Easy Ways to Film Better Videos for Your Blog

By on June 19, 2014
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Did you know that videos increase people’s understanding of your topic by 74 percent, and more shockingly, YouTube is the number two search engine in the world?

These two shocking statistics reveal the way user behavior on the Internet has drastically changed just in the past year.

Web articles and sites went from text-heavy, information overload to sleeker, image-laden content. Therefore, you should consider creating videos to gain more exposure for your business.

Technical skills, high-quality writing, entertaining video content, and a unique set design are all you’ll need to film stand-out videos. The following tips will help you film better videos for your blog and will help you stand out from other businesses.

Perfect your tech.

When it comes to making videos, either online or off, you want to make sure that your lights, cameras, and audio equipment are all fully functional. Sound check all of your microphones and speakers before you start filming, and always organize your lights so that you and your guest speakers are fully illuminated.

Although you might have to play around with the lights and sounds before your set is perfect, trust me – there is nothing worse than a video with a muffled sound quality and dark shadows. If you’re interviewing someone and are in a rush, a good trick is to point the light at your back so that your guest is fully illuminated.

Create depth in your set.

Avoid bland and boring walls and backgrounds when it comes to your video blog. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a green screen, try to design a unique set that accentuates your personal style and will make you stand out from other video bloggers. Always remember the rule of thirds and avoid sitting directly in the center of your set. Instead, sit off to the right or left side and balance your scene with an object, decoration, or animated screen on the opposite side. Creativity is key!

Be the expert of your topic.

Knowing your content means researching your topic and finding sources that you can use to either reinforce or debunk your spin. During your research, find credible sources that both you and your audience respect. Knowing which sources to use and how to write your story means figuring out whether your topic is informative, entertaining, or educational.

Entertainment and pop culture stories will typically use a more opinionated, humorous spin, so focus less on official sources and rely more on your wit and opinions. On the other hand, if you are looking to inform or educate your audience, your story may require more authoritative and trust-worthy sources. Many companies offer their research and content online for free, and you can cite these statistics in order to strengthen your claim.

Engage your audience and develop a rapport with them.

Once you know what you’ll be talking about in your video blog, it’s time to deliver it to your audience. While you’re filming, you’ll just be talking to the camera, but once you upload the video to your website or YouTube channel, your face and your story will be interacting with millions of Internet users. It’s important to keep your tone engaging and the best way to do that is to act like the audience is in the room with you.

Pretend the camera is your best friend, and talk to it like you’ve known it for years. This trick will not only help with any stage-fright you may have but will also be more entertaining and easier to follow for your audience.  If you’re afraid you won’t be able to look past the cameras and technical equipment, have one of your friends sit in while you’re filming so you can talk to him/her instead.

Keep it short and keep it sweet.

In this high-tech age, no one has time for a 10-minute video. Keep your videos between 2-5 minutes, which is the ideal – and most common – length for video blogs. A video of this length won’t take up too much time to film or edit, giving you plenty of time to create fresh content on a regular basis.

If you have an intense topic that’s going to require a lot of discussion, consider turning that story into a weekly update. This will give you more time to delve into the issue that interests you, and it will guarantee a regular viewing audience.

Creating video blogs for your business is a great way to reach more people and engage your audience. If you’re short on video blog ideas, consider creating instructional videos that answer a common problem your audience has, as more people will watch that video and appreciate your business for helping them out. However, make sure that you follow these filming tips in order to show people that your business is trust-worthy and worth their time and investment.

About Samantha Pena

As a blog writer, digital marketing strategist, and full-time social media fanatic, I live on the Internet and love a good story. I enjoy reading and writing about trending topics, particularly in the field of technology, business, and marketing. Follow me on Twitter @samantha_pena16
  • Owen Hemsath

    Love the idea about depth in the background. Was an aha moment for me. Wait till you see my next video blog.

    Although being a proven video marketer, I use the word “shoot” rather than “film.” Film is a very diff thing.

    • Samantha Pena

      Definitely agree, Owen! It’s necessary to make your set as visually appealing as possible in order to keep your audience engaged, especially as recent studies have proven that the average person loses attention in just 8 seconds!

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