5 Email Marketing Tips for Your First Campaign

By on June 1, 2018

Email marketing is something you need to be including in your digital marketing campaign computer tekken. Although you may think it’s not as relevant anymore, it really is!

Although social media marketing has dramatically changed the way brands approach consumers, sending personalised and engaging emails to your subscribers is still a very powerful way to encourage repeat sales and drive up conversion rates 체리보드.

Getting an email marketing campaign right isn’t easy though – it’s not as simple as throwing together an email and firing it out en masse Download the movie Haeundae. Your email marketing copy needs to be interesting, engaging and somewhat personalized for the people receiving it.

So, how do you actually create a campaign which people pay attention to and engage with 갱스터 리오 성자의 도시 다운로드? Here are five easy tips for you to figure out just that.

Have an Enticing Subject Line

This is the very basic part of your email marketing copy – the subject line avr studio 5.1 다운로드. If your subject line is not immediately engaging, your email will probably end up in the trash. With subject lines, the simpler and more straightforward they are, the better all-in-one parting. If you are promoting interesting products, then you can easily use them as the subject line, but if you are sending a newsletter or something similar, then you should try and pick something from within it to put in the subject line instead 코믹구루.

Personalise your Email’s Content

Customers and subscribers respond better when they feel the emails they are receiving are somewhat personalised and not just arbitrary nonsense Download wave sounds. Segment your email subscribers according to their demographics, interests and purchasing habits, so you can send email marketing copy which is relatable to these people as individuals 두리안. Sending blanket email marketing is never recommended, as not everybody will be interested in the same things and you will be wasting both time and money doing this 넌 감동이었어 다운로드.

Short and Sweet Emails Fare Better

It doesn’t matter how switched on and engaged your subscribers are; very few people will stick around to read a long-winded email. You should always keep your email short, sweet and to the point. Avoid waffling on and try and get to the crux of your email within the first few sentences, and definitely by the second paragraph. The more people you keep interested and engaged with shorter emails, the higher the chance you have of increasing conversion rates and making extra sales.

Don’t Overdo it

Although email marketing is great, you can easily leave a sour taste in the mouths of even your most loyal subscribers by sending a relentless number of emails. Your email marketing should be limited to one email per day, max. If you can, only send emails a couple of times per week. If you are sending multiple emails, your subscribers will soon grow tired of this and you will find that you engage less people because i) subscribers will grow tired of the email spam and unsubscribe; and ii) your content will be less interesting – nobody who has that much to say is going to be that interesting, after all!

Send Different Emails

Don’t just send promotional materials, but mix it up a little and send newsletters, product updates, updates about your brand and internal developments, etc. This will keep your email marketing content fresh, interesting and your subscribers wanting more. The quickest way to the lose interest of your subscribers is to send typical promotional content only – subscribers will not find emails valuable if it is the same thing dressed up differently every time.

The best thing about email marketing is that you can test your theories easily – you can track click and open rates, and only keep improving the way you do your marketing via email. You will always have aplenty of data available to fall back on.


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