5 Hidden Social Sites That Can Boost Your Traffic

By on December 28, 2012

Social media sites have the potential to rapidly and consistently boost your traffic numbers, if you know which ones to use. There are currently several social marketing platforms that, when used, will raise your blog rankings, website and sales page rankings. All you have to do is integrate them into your hour a day marketing strategy.

Social Websites That Help To Boost Your SEO

Social media sites that are content heavy are great for SEO
• Social sites that are image heavy and highly viral are great for inspiring traffic
• Social media marketing platforms with fast interaction are great for SEO

Let’s take a look at these 5 hidden social media sites that will help you drive enormous traffic numbers to your websites Download this for toddlers.

#1: The Power of Pinterest

Pinterest, the break-out social media success of 2012 is THE social marketing platform for creating and driving traffic now. Pinterest beats Twitter, StumbleUpon, Google, Bing and Yahoo in referral traffic stats Pretty mouse pointer. It’s the fourth largest platform for traffic referrals in the world.

How To Use Pinterest?

If traffic is your goal, make social media sites like Pinterest a priority. Include it as one of your top 3, along with Facebook and Twitter. It really has incredible viral potential, and has the ability to drive thousands of people to your websites merely using images and comments as an attraction model Official download for Windows 7. It’s affordable, simple and you’ll see results immediately.

#2: The Fury of Facebook

It’s true – Facebook produces 75% of all referral traffic on social media sites. The reason why it’s here at number 2, is that Pinterest users are a lot more likely to buy, share and interact once they get to your websites – making them more valuable than Facebook users 2019 Club Music.

How To Use Facebook?

Social media sites like Facebook need to be your top priority for driving traffic to your websites. Use social media management to effectively diversify your update strategy, and create lots of engaging content there. Videos, media, podcasts, slideshows, text and images – Facebook wants it all 아이작 리버스 한글.

#3: The Rise of LinkedIn

LinkedIn has just undergone a makeover, and has recently seen a 1000% jump in referral traffic to Facebook. Twitter decided to part ways with the business social media marketing giant, which had an impact on both sites. The main impact being that people were now moving from LinkedIn to Facebook, to your websites c++ 6.0.

How To Use LinkedIn?

Social media sites like LinkedIn should be used for business purposes, but they need to be optimized as well. All of your group or business posts need to be SEO’d, not to mention your profile. If you can create a nice LinkedIn traffic boost, your Facebook referral traffic will automatically increase, as will your website traffic 컨츄리 꼬꼬.

#4: The Booming Blog

Social websites like your blog have the power to generate tons of excellent traffic, simply by focusing on a comprehensive SEO strategy. When you rise in the ranks, people will visit your blog more often, and your social sites will funnel extra visitors there as well. Your blog can then do what your website can’t – gain clients as fans Download the glasses.

How To Use Your Blog?

The only way to use social media sites properly in this instance, is to have a daily content strategy. Your optimized blog posts and accompanying social media updates should send your blog running up the ranking ladder. After 3 months you should be on page 1 뚱이 사랑해요. But you must post on these social media pages each day.

#5: Growling Google+ or Terrific Twitter?

You’ve probably heard a lot about social media sites like Google+ being great as an SEO tool to boost your traffic ratios – right? Well, here’s some news for you – don’t bother. People have reported a steady decline in referral traffic from Google+ since its inception. You are better off using Twitter as a social site to generate traffic 7080 노래 무료 다운로드. Why? Because sharing there is fast and Google likes that.

How To Use Twitter?

I would recommend at least 4-8 tweets per day that have been pre-written and optimized with keywords and appropriate hashtags. These don’t include the ‘response’ tweets you should be sending to inspire conversation in your network.

These social media sites will get you that extra traffic you need each day. All you have to do is maintain a solid, performance –based social strategy and the traffic will happen. What are you waiting for? Go and work on your social SEO immediately!

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Otherwise, how do you increase traffic to your websites using social media?

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