5 Incredible Reasons To Use Google+ For Social Promotion #Google+

By on September 4, 2013
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Google+ has been around for a few years now, though it has been a controversial social network from the beginning. True to Google’s nature, they have found a way to make Google+ relevant, even though it has not been the rival to Facebook that it threatened to be from the date of launch. Today, I’m going to convince you why – as a social manager – you need to be using this Google run social network.

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#1: With Google+ Comes Google Authorship

Yet another SEO benefit to add to your increasing list, is that when you have a Google+ account you can claim your Google author status. This will allow you to have that ‘awesome’ photo in the Google search results that you see so often.

Plus it will display your name, and how many people are in your ‘circles,’ which is a great way of convincing browsers to click on your specific link. Aside from that it has been proven that with the right headshot, you can increase clicks by 35%.

#2: Officially The Second ‘Most Used’ Network

Google+ has been named the official ‘most used’ network after Facebook, beating out competition like LinkedIn and Twitter. According to GlobalWebIndex, Google+ now has 318 million active users across 31 markets. This is no doubt due to Google’s ability to connect all of their web properties together, for SEO benefits.

#3: Google Glass Supports Google+ Promotion

Coming soon is Google Glass, the next step in social sharing technology, right? Well, Google Glass will be able to take photos via touch or voice command, and will automatically back them up and share them on Google+. With augmented reality another step in the Google+ service consolidation, you should definitely be using Google+.

Google+ evolves

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#4: The Increasing Power of +1 on Google+

The Moz Blog ran a scientific correlation study involving +1’s and higher search rankings on Google. Directly after page authority (the #1 factor effecting rankings) a +1 is the next most prevalent factor in your rankings. People that have more +1’s than you, will always rank higher. This is why so many marketers and bloggers use the platform.

#5: Google+ Will Have More Mobile Power

According to the chatter online, matching a social network with a device like Glass is more efficient than matching it with a smartphone. A phone takes a lot of steps to get content published online. Google may have found an easier way of doing this, which makes it a strong contender for mobile growth in the future.

BONUS: Hangouts! Who wouldn’t want an easy way of getting group videos on YouTube to promote your business?

These are the incredible reasons why you need to start using Google+ as one of your core social networks. At the very least it should be part of your secondary social network strategy. Keep learning about it, or let me know which parts of Google+ you don’t quite understand. I will do my best to pass on the knowledge, as always.

Which reason from this list did you find most compelling?

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  • igydog

    Greetings, I have been hesitant to join G+ because I have over 500 domains I am developing and will want to promote. I can not see a clear path on how my having individual G+ accounts will play out. I need individual identities due to the niche specific domains as well as my local domains that are industry group identifiable. Can I effectively have separate G+ accounts under my name for all the individual properties ??? Any other insights would be most appreciated

    • http://wwww.socialmediaimpact.com/ Social Media Impact

      To clarify your question, are you trying to set up Personal Profiles on Google+ as well as setting up Google Local Business Pages?

      • igydog

        I wish I could answer that. My motivation here is sponsored so my understanding of what is recommended and that which is preferred is not my own thoughts. What I am considering is, when I develop a domain and website, my ownership is the same in most instances. Will Google allow me to have separate G+ accounts for each domain as each domain will be it’s own project. I do not necessarily understand the “personal” notation you refer. ty in advance

        PS perhaps it would make better sense when I tell you that my domains all have separate social medial wheels, dedicated to the individual domains. So from linkedin to redditt to twitter to facebook to domain. Can I add a G+ account in each wheel or does it even make sense to do so?? ty

        • http://wwww.socialmediaimpact.com/ Social Media Impact

          igydog, let’s assume you created a personal (individual) Google+ profile under your own name using your Gmail account.

          Afterwards, you can then create separate and distinct Google+ Pages for each different business using the same Gmail account that you use to sign in to access your Google+ personal profile.


          You can switch between the different business Pages as shown above, and each Google+ Business Page has a distinct Google User ID that you can use on websites such as WordPress as shown below:


          Some WordPress themes and plugins will allow you to just use the Custom Google+ URL that Google+ recently launched as well.

          Let us know if this answers your question!

          • igydog


            Thank you for the insights and references. Now I am 80% there. One last element. Is there a way for me to utilize G+ on a link wheel where I need to keep the identities separate from my name to be sure and as well each other properties in the wheel and in turn the properties linked to.

            ty again. It has been really hard to get all the social media issues in line especially in the midst of the Google animals

          • http://wwww.socialmediaimpact.com/ Social Media Impact

            igydog, this is not an area that I am too familiar with, but I can point you in the direction of one of the best people to contact for SEO/link wheel who should be able to answer your question:



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