5 Influencer Marketing Trends for 2019 and Their Use Cases

By on January 4, 2019

 Image Source: Miquel Taverna/The Influencers

Influencer marketing has been one of the most popular trends of 2018 and that will continue in 2019. The main questions are: how to become competent and what influencer marketing tools to use.

Do not limit your campaign to one social media platform.

You should pick a platform unless you want to make a social media app and launch it into the market Download the perfect other person script. Most influencers name Instagram as their #1 platform. This doesn’t mean you should ignore other social networks. Especially taking into consideration that the same influencer might be active on several social media platforms.

Remember that the price of an advertising post depends on the total number of the influencer’s followers, their engagement rate, and durability of PR relations. The more companies want the influencer to advertise their products, the more it’ll cost you.

If you intend to launch influencer marketing for small business – try to acquire the same influencer to advertise your product not, let’s say, on Instagram but on other social networks awesomium.dll 다운로드. The price can be much less compared with Instagram.

Tracking is important

It’s the main rule of any PR campaign. Collaboration with influencers should be favorable for the brand and you won’t notice it without tracking the metrics. There are a lot of tools designed to keep track of a campaign but you can start with basics like Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) restrictions. In other words, it’s a certain code that is used to record visitors that come from the influencer’s link in a post or elsewhere.

The next option is the use of promo codes Download the telegram sticker image. It’s a very effective yet easy method. The point is that it depends on our goals. Promo codes are unique. Each time a customer uses the promo code that was allocated for influencer’s post — you know for sure how the sale was achieved. In case you need to reach a broader scope, it is possible to use hashtags. You can measure the results of the campaign with the help of dozens of available tools.

Stricter regulations

This is an impactful trend in influencer marketing. It implies the clarity of collaboration between influencers and brands Knox Lineage m. The Federal State Commission defined how influencers and brands should mark a sponsored content.

To meet these requirements without any legal issues, the audience should know that the post has been paid for. In connection with this, Instagram rolled out Branded Content Tools. With their help, you don’t need to use any hashtags as posts are marked.

Software as an integral element of influencer marketing

These days, it’s not necessary to appoint your in-house developers a task to create software you are interested in Download the Twitter tweet. There are many ready-made tools for solving your problems or at least the ones you can customize. The use of influencer marketing soft is the trend you should pursue as it helps to find the right influencers with more comfort and certainty.

Here is the simple way (with the use of specialized tools) of searching for influencers:

Search for the right influencers on Instagram, YouTube, etc.
Contact through email or direct
Discuss the conditions
Pay for the post and wait till influencer complete the agreement

As social influencer marketing becomes fashionable, the number of influencer marketing software is growing as well 가족관계증명서 다운로드.

Content is king

One of the central influencer marketing trends for 2019 entails the building of helpful content rather than bothersome ads. You can ask the influencer to tell how much they love our brand or product.

Last year there were a diversity of big names using this approach. If you are an owner of small business, have a small budget, but want to launch the social media influencer marketing campaign, then you have to come up with even more creative approaches of collaborating with influencers to stand out sheetjs 다운로드.

Influencer marketing in social networks for eCommerce

In a proper way, this marketing channel can be related to any business. Let’s consider several use cases of influencer marketing by representatives of different business categories.


In 2018, the travel industry’s size was estimated to be $1.2 trillion. It’s worth mentioning that the online travel market is forecasted to achieve $1B by 2020 muzhiwan 다운로드. There are a lot of examples of successful influencer marketing in the travel sphere. Airbnb is one of them.

The company has offered celebrities to pay for their stay in return for brand mentioning in posts.

Business & Tech

Businesses went online long ago. This way, except for physical stores and services we get their digital analogs. Let’s consider how digital ones use social influencer marketing.

Baidu is a bright example of using infuencer marketing mpeg4 다운로드. The company understood that influencer marketing is a perfect global marketing approach and started encouraging influencers to collaborate with them. Baidu representatives say it’s a perfect way to capture the right audience.

For this purpose, they used YouTube videos and Instagram Stories.

Game industry

Game developers, like Next Games, use macro influencers to drive more customers to their apps.

Companies from diverse domains have already understood the usefulness of influencer marketing download mbc vod. There are no detailed conditions towards where and how to use this channel. It is necessary to know your target audience, set aims, and be original.

Before advertising the product, you must be sure that it provides users with the first-rate experience. To assure it, you can run some types of tests checking usability and other aspects.

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