5 Killer Tips for Successful Recruiting on Facebook

By on November 16, 2016

If you feel you’re having a tough time hiring these days, you’re not alone.

Basically, everyone is. Right now unemployment claims are at a 40 year low, meaning most people who want jobs have them. At the same time we’ve got the most unfilled jobs in U.S. history, coupled with a huge skills gap.

Don’t let that stress you out though. There are lots of ways to find employees, you just need to get a little creative. One thing to think about: 75 percent of potential candidates are passive. That means they’re not looking for jobs, but they’re open to them.

Of course, you won’t be able to reach them by posting a job ad… so how do you? Well, while not everyone is combing job boards right now, just about everyone is on Facebook these days. You can find those passive candidates there.

The problem with Facebook is that it’s getting harder and harder to reach people. Lots of people are posting all the time, and you’ve got to compete with cute animal pictures, that video of your niece taking her first steps, the outrage over the latest gaffe by a politician etc. How can you stand out on Facebook?

Here are 5 tips to help you.

  1. Know your audience.

If you know exactly what will get your target audience interested in your Facebook job post, you stand a decent chance of being noticed in the feed. But how do you know what potential applicants want to read?

Let them show you.

  • Go to Glassdoor.com.
  • Do a search for the position you want to hire for, leaving the location blank.
  • Click on a company in the left sidebar, then on “Reviews.” You’ll see reviews employees have left for the company.
  • Read the reviews, especially the “Cons” section, to learn what employees don’t like in this position, and look for common complaints.
  • Can you address these complaints? For example, if everyone complains about being micromanaged, can you promise that you don’t micromanage? Let’s say you’re hiring a nurse. You might create a post that says: Nurses! Tired of being micromanaged? Come work with us and be treated like a professional.
  1. Don’t forget the images.

Facebook posts that include images get 650 percent more engagement than text-only posts. That’s a huge difference! If you want to get your post noticed, you’ll definitely want an image.

If you’re looking to create a cool image, with text, for your next Facebook post, check out a tool called Pablo that Buffer makes. It’s really easy to use, and it’s free.

  1. Use Facebook’s live video feature.

This is a relatively new Facebook feature. It allows you to broadcast live video to your Facebook page from a mobile device.

Just open the Facebook app on your mobile, and you’ll see this option.

How do you use it to help with hiring?

I’ve seen companies using it in two ways that look promising. One is to broadcast live from their workplace. Let’s say you ran a restaurant, and your kitchen was fun to work in. You might try broadcasting live from the kitchen for a short time to show potential applicants what the work environment is like.

The other is holding live Q&A sessions, inviting potential applicants to come on and ask live questions about your company and the job. Viewers submit questions as text, and you can read and answer.

  1. Use Facebook ads.

Facebook ads have two distinct advantages over regular posts. First, you’ll be sure to get some exposure in the Facebook feed.

Second, and most importantly, you get access to Facebook’s incredible targeting features. These will let you target people to see your ad by occupation and several other factors, from region to hobbies.

You can potentially get really creative with ad targeting. For example, let’s say you’re hiring nurses in an area where they’re paid particularly well. You could go on a website like PayScale.com and look for regions where nurses are not paid so well, then target ads to nurses in that area, with the salary shown in the ad.

  1. Copy the pros and create a Facebook careers page.

Big companies with killer Facebook recruiting strategies, like UPS, Starbucks and Zappos, have Facebook careers pages.

These don’t cost you anything more, and let you do some cool things.

For one, they keep you from mixing your audience and message. Customers who like your marketing Facebook page may not be interested in job opportunities. You don’t want to post updates about jobs and your work culture that go to an audience that has no interest in these messages.

Not only will you get less interest, but when Facebook sees that your posts get passed over in the feed, they’ll show posts from you less often, because it looks like low-quality content.

Another advantage of a careers page is that you can target ads to people who like that page. If people have liked your careers page, there’s a pretty strong chance they’ll be interested in ads about job opportunities.

Those 5 tips should give you a pretty good introduction to using Facebook to find employees. If you don’t have time to do all of them, I recommend at least trying the first tip.

You’ll get valuable insights about potential applicants. These will be useful in social media, job postings, and in deciding what you should offer employees and how to better attract them.

About Paul Peters

Paul Peters is content marketer and job ad writer with Betterteam . Before Betterteam he spent 6 years building an education startup, where he was was involved with many aspects of the business, including hiring and marketing. He lives in Whitefish, Montana.

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