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By on September 24, 2013
Blog strategy

A blog strategy is a complete plan of action that a social media manager would devise to make sure that their blog goals are met, and their efforts are measurable 큐베이스 크랙. For a small business owner, it can be difficult knowing where to begin, and how to end! That’s why today I’m focusing on a powerful, lasting 5 minute blog strategy Download Mr. Shen Shine Episode 1.

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A Perfect Starter Blog Strategy in 5 Minutes

Small business social media managers often struggle to outline a workable plan that they can use to get their blog efforts off to a good start 헨리의 책. This basic blog strategy will have you focusing on the right places, in less than 5 minutes.

Keep in mind that this blog strategy assumes that you already know what your goals and objectives are Download Hmm2. If you don’t, take an extra minute to add them to your write-up 유희왕 apk.

Minute 1: Your Content Creation Strategy

Minute one is about outlining your basic content specs. Grab a piece of paper, or open a new word document and focus on this as your initial strategy Download the movie Clean.

• Write down how much content you will publish per month
• Detail when you will publish this content
• Find out which keywords you need to target

Once you have your content titles and keywords, create the posts 카카오톡 pc 설치. Do it ahead of time, so that your scheduling can be consistent.

Minute 2: Your Cross Promotion Strategy

During your second minute outlining your blog strategy, focus on the cross promotion element involved in blogging 오토캐드 2011 64비트 키젠. How are you going to promote your blog posts once they are published? A step-by-step plan will help here.

• Create a tiered list of the social sites you plan to use
• Under each site title, write down as many content tactics as you can
• Share your blog posts on social bookmarking sites
• Integrate them into your emails, newsletters and marketing materials

All online content can benefit from your blog posts, if you see them all as part of one large connected social strategy 보헤미안 랩소디 mp3 다운로드.

Blog strategy

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Minute 3: Your Community Management Strategy

Once you have promoted your blog posts you will need to continue the blog strategy cycle. That means focusing on your blog community to build yourself a stronger blog.

• Carefully moderate and respond to comments
• Go out into the world and comment on lots of other blogs
• Find 5 niche influencers that will become part of your blog network
• Start a basic blog outreach program with a guest post strategy

Community management should also include a standard blog commenting policy that your community needs to follow if they want to engage on your blog.

Minute 4: Your Measurement Strategy

In minute 4 you will need to outline your measurement strategy in your document. Your blog is publishing, you’re promoting and
managing your community. Now you need to figure out how to improve what you are already doing.

• Use Google Webmaster Tools to draw insights from your blog analytics
• Take advantage of any additional analytics tools (Hootsuite for example)
• Use these analytics to improve your content over time

Trial and error is the only way that you learn how to use analytics correctly. Test keywords, content designs, different types of content – everything. Become a technical blogger.

Minute 5: Your Listening Strategy

In your final minute you will need to outline your listening strategy. This is essential for any competent blogger. Listening is the key to being relevant and knowing what your audience wants from you.

• Create a blog curation list that details where you will get fresh content ideas from
• Check how your blog is perceived using the right tools (Socialmention)
• Make a point of engaging often with other blogs in your niche
• Keep up to date on the latest news in your niche via Google Alerts

Using this basic 5 minute blog strategy you should be able to fill in the gaps and create a really powerful strategy that you can use again and again for consistent blog improvement. No-one is saying that you can create an entire strategy in 5 minutes, but jotting down what you know, is a great way to get you there!

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What part of blog strategy do you struggle with? I’m an open book.

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