5 Must Have Tools for Social Media Freelancers

By on March 17, 2020

Social Media management is an important area that every freelance writer should emphasize. However, the reach of social media marketing is much beyond the work done by freelancers. Social Media Marketing – an indispensable part of a formidable digital marketing strategy, is beneficial for every business in the modern era. Social media tools can save a lot of time, which you can then utilize by focusing on other aspects of your business.

Freelancers, irrespective of their skills, must know social media marketing. Take, for example, a freelance writer. A freelance writer’s job covers the Social Media Management aspect as well, which is quite often than not visible to everyone under bright light Download kmsauto net.exe. The social media management job includes sharing the content on different platforms to increase views and respond to reader queries and comments and other tasks. A job that, at times, requires the same amount of time it takes to write an article.

After the success of social media giants such as Facebook, social media sites have become a trend for businesses to dive into the pool of competition. One reason behind the pattern is the massive response of people and their engagement with social media networks.

So, it’s become a necessity to share your work in the social media world to get your work to reach the maximum audience. Undoubtedly, social media has great potential in the online world.

Since social media sites cover a large number of people, or in the business sense, consumers, social media marketing is one of the best practices to get your posts to an audience reach by sharing them on social media sites Friday 13th.

Yes, social media marketing can take some time to perform well in it, but it is worth the effort. And, the icing on the cake is that if done with the right social media tools – you can save time too.

There is a plethora of free and paid social media tools that can assist you in staying ahead in the social media game, in the most natural ways.

What Makes a Great Social Media Management Tool?

The primary reason why people turn to social media tools is when they want to schedule their posts and keep them ahead of time. This much helps to create automated social media campaigns that you can liberally schedule according to your targeted audiences. Nearly every social media tool can schedule your posts and put them in a queue Ms Office free.

However, you’ll also find apps that can record the best performing posts and reuse them in the future for better results. Others can understand the best engagement times and tell you when its best to post.

Scheduling your posts beforehand on your preferred social media sites can save you a lot of time. While some apps can tinker your next post according to the websites, you are posting for the best possible outcome, which means that they can add the location to your Facebook posts, or add hashtags that are popular on Instagram and Twitter.

Using the best tool can have a significant impact on your business. Some tools can do keyword searches, others can help monitor your mentions, and some can help follow hashtags that promote engagement with your targeted audience 토마토 증권 통. You can also receive feedback for your team and get insight into issues that can allow improvements.

If you use services like Facebook Messenger or Twitter Direct Messages to connect with customers, there are social media tools that allow you to manage your customers from one place without having to use different tools—thereby allowing a better response rate, which is excellent for your business.

Most social media marketing tools carry identical features. Yet, there are unique features in every tool that sets it apart from others. Such features can range from search engines for stock photos and animated gifs to lead generation support.

Most of the social media management tools available online come with paid subscription plans, but they often offer a free trial. So you can check which fits your business before spending on them.


Hootsuite is a popular tool in the social media marketing world Download the La Ravel Framework. Its prominent feature is the ability to schedule your posts across various social media accounts. It enables you to connect with your customers on social media sites from one platform and also reply to their comments with a single click.

Alongside, Hootsuite offers a powerful tool called Analytic Reports, that can give you an overview of how your social media posts are performing and also provide deep insights about what post types are best for your audience and which are not.


Buffer offers a plethora of options that can save a lot of your time. Features like batching enable you to create groups of your tasks and complete them in one go.

Undoubtedly, buffer is a great tool that takes care of real-time social media posts creation along with the scheduling of social media platforms to multiple platforms 다운로드.

Buffer is also available as a browser extension for Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. The browser extension facility makes it a tool that scores high on features and usability for end-users.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social has an extensive set of tools for social media management for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. The tool can be used to publish to multiple social sites at once. The tool gives you the flexibility to either post yourself or schedules your posts at the time, which is selected by Sprout Social’s algorithm.

A prominent feature of sprout social is the ability to tag the updates that can later be used for analytics purposes brother printer driver. It comes as a great feature to tag and tracks your post types, subject matters, and even the entire campaigns. For instance, you can tag your spring campaign as spring2020 and later compare it with previous year campaigns.

The app provides an asset library that you can use to store, edit, and publish images/video, evergreen posts, templates, and the list goes on.


There is hardly any other social media tool that helps you manage Instagram accounts as Iconosquare. The app targets Instagram business accounts and Facebook Pages with features that specifically allow monitoring, publishing, and analyzing visual posts on social media sites Download Zootopia Dubbing. The interface and user experience are polished and are built, keeping in mind – the modern aesthetics and the Instagram generation’s choice.

It’s got a responsive dashboard with an easy to use navigation you can access with a non-interruptive pop-out box on the left of the screen.

Proper engagement with users takes brands a long way, but when you get a lot of comments, it becomes hard to keep track of them all on the small screen of your mobile devices. With Iconosquare, you can add comments and replies from your computer without the need for a mobile device. The Comment Tracker tool shows all your Instagram comments making it a convenient and efficient way to respond to your fans and followers in a lot less time when compared to your mobile device Annie Pet.

Iconosquare allows you to schedule your content both on Instagram and Facebook. The content can be an image, video post for Facebook, event carousels, and story updates on Instagram. After putting your files in a queue, you can see how your Instagram feed would look with the Feed Preview feature. It’s a great benefit for users who are deliberate about how their profile depicts in front of everyone.


The last addition to our list – Sendible is a full social media management package. The feature that makes it unique compared to some other social media tools is the tool’s ability to cover a wide range of social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest 토라도라.

Sendible comes with complete scheduling tools like its peers, but with the addition of Smart Queues that enable you to increase engagement by recycling your best performing posts in the future.

You will also find a complete inventory of collaboration tools, such as shared media library, task delegation ability with per-user or per-team.

Though the market is flooded with social media marketing tools, the best tools are the ones that match your requirements. As a freelancer, you obviously do not have the demands of a digital agency or a full-fledged business. Our list can be a good starting point in identifying the right tool that addresses your requirements.


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