5 Not-So-Common Benefits of a Booming Business Blog! #Blogging

By on July 15, 2013

Blogging has been around for some time now, but there are still some businesses that believe they don’t need a business blog! Aside from the same old benefits we hear on a day-to-day basis, why is it that your company needs to have a busy blog up and running? Today I’m going to tell you all about 5 not-so-common blogging benefits.

According to Hubspot 55% of companies that blog have more website visitors. Fact!

Benefit #1: The Perfectly Legal Content Farm?

No I’m not talking about real content farms, those are bad 4k 60fps 다운로드. What I am talking about is a perfectly legitimate way to transition from linkbait content to crowd-sourced content. The end stage in any logical blog strategy is to find other voices to add to your brand message.

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A blog isn’t supposed to be a one-way dialogue. It’s a two way conversation between you and your readers, or your readers and contributors. Most business bloggers never reach the stage where they are able to invite guest bloggers to post on their blog spintires 다운로드. It takes a lot of work, editing and moderation. But the benefits are enormous.

• More unique social media content to syndicate on your networks
• Increased SEO potential from contributor posts
• Increased traffic potential from contributor communities

Really the list goes on and on. But you need to make sure that your blog content is exclusive and something your audience will still want to read.

Benefit #2: The Blog Post To Asset Conversion

Once you have owned a blog for a few years, you will notice that more people are visiting it (more than usual). This is because Google likes older domains, and assigns more value to blogs that have been around for a while. So what? Every OLD blog post that you have ever written could potentially resurface as a content asset in the future Civilization 4 Mode.

A content asset happens when a similar ‘hot topic’ goes viral online, and old posts get a surge of traffic due to the interest in the ‘older’ subject matter. At this point, you can use this boost in traffic to sign up more email list subscribers, sell more products or get more interactions on your blog with a fresh perspective series based on the content asset.

Benefit #3: A Community of Willing Participants

When you run a business blog online, your job is to be the voice of a brand, but it’s also to earn the business more money…indirectly through traffic 암살교실 2기 자막. When you have a sizable blog readership you also have a number of willing people that can help you perfect the sales techniques on a number of online materials.

• Get community members to endorse your products or ebooks
• Source social proof for your social media pages
• Conduct real-world marketing surveys based on your ideal target market
• Get extra attendance at events…the sky is the limit!

Benefit #4: The Incredible Income Potential

A great blog has incredible income potential, I don’t need to tell you that 모의고사 다운로드. But imagine if you were set to launch a new product in your niche. A blog would be the best place to do this. Why? Blogs have a built in audience that already trust what you say – you are already established as a credible source in their eyes.

When buyers know who you are, they are SO much more inclined to buy your products. That’s why sales of certain products on business blogs work so well. Even if 10% of your readership share your new product with their social networks, you can earn thousands more than you would have with a personal network product release 인기팝송.

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Benefit #5: Far Greater Customer Service

Has someone on your blog ever asked you a question? Have you sat down and spent some real time on it, in an attempt to really help them? What if you took this a step further and created a whole blog post out of their question! Not only does this prove that you care about your readers, it will make your comment section improve with other, relevant questions.

Anything that gets you more quality comments and less spam nonsense is a win for your blog Download The Ninano Club. Blogs are great at customer service, as long as that service only requires an informative response. Anything more detailed should go to brand management.

BONUS Benefit #6: The Blog Tour

Ever taken a nice drive in the country-side and stopped off at all the little craft markets and communities along the way? That’s what a blog tour is, but on the internet. Experts do blog tours when they want to add a bit of promotion to their blog strategy. An ebook author for example, will schedule a blog tour that results in more book sales Superbunnyman pc free.

By approaching bloggers and asking them to showcase your brand, or your work – you are also helping them get traffic. But bloggers are selective, so you have to approach them in the correct manner. A polite email detailing who you are, what you want from them and when is all that it takes. Send 30 to get replies back from just over half of them.

Briefly discuss what sort of content you will contribute to their blog. Anything from a written post, to emails, interviews, video, podcasts, slideshare presentations, Twitter meetups, Google+ discussion videos and Vine videos are all up for grabs windows loader 다운로드.

Live chats are also common, but they take a lot of effort on the part of the blogger to put together. I would begin with some light guest posting, videos and other interesting materials. This will result in a traffic, community and interaction boom on your blog and social pages!

There you have it, a few not-so-common reasons why blogs are gaining in value for businesses and individuals across the world! Soon, it will COST companies to not run a business blog, as their customers gravitate to progressive brands that know direct interaction and education is the only way to build a successful reputation online Ainabi Manual.

What is the greatest benefit of business blogging that you have experienced?

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