5 Reasons Why People Hate Google Plus (But Shouldn’t!) #Google+

By on March 3, 2014
hate google plus

If you hate Google Plus, it may interest you to know that you are not alone. Even though Google has spent countless millions developing this free social network, there are still small business owners, brands and influencers who can’t stand the platform. Today I am telling you why the world hates Google+, but totally shouldn’t. Seriously.

Google+ has more than 300 million users, and it continues to grow as Google rolls out new products and services. Here is why people are hating their efforts:

#1: The Forced Sign-In

More and more Google is forcing people to sign in to Google+ – to use gmail, to leave YouTube comments, and even to search the general web. People hate being told what to do, and they hate being tracked and monitored even more.

Why You Shouldn’t Care: Surprise! Google already knows it’s you using their search engine, based on how you sit, how you type, what you search for and even how tall you are. Sign in and get it over with, Google has already cracked the privacy code.

#2: Google+ Ruined YouTube

One of the key reasons why people hate Google Plus, is because you have to be signed in to leave comments on YouTube. How dare Google integrate one of their products with another one! Now I can’t anonymously post comments on YouTube.

Why You Should Get Over It: Google owns YouTube, they paid a fortune for it – and YouTube couldn’t be in safer hands. It makes sense to consolidate online properties for cross promotion. Plus you can still post comments anonymously, but your Google+ account will need to be created first.

hate google plus

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#3: Google+ Is Like a Bad Facebook

Why use Google+ when Facebook is so much better? I hate Google Plus and their attempts to overtake Facebook! None of my friends are there, and I don’t get the whole circle your communities for privacy thing. A waste of time!

Why You Should Reconsider: Facebook conversions are falling, Google+ conversions are rising. Google+ search, tools, SEO and community segmentation is better, so is there privacy. As time wears on, Google+ continues to grow, improve and excel.

#4: It’s Just Another Platform

People hate Google Plus, because they believe that it’s just another platform. It has video, audio, apps and posting options just like Facebook, so it must be a clone. I don’t have time to post on Google+, there are no benefits for me there.

Why You Need To Rethink It: Google+ is single handedly changing the world of SEO. If for no other reason, you need an account to feed your SEO efforts. Plus no other platforms aside from LinkedIn give you direct access to influencers for marketing purposes.

#5: Google+ Is Another Failed Product

The people that really hate Google Plus are calling it another failed Google product. Like many before it, they predict that within a few short years, the network will fade into oblivion. Other networks like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter will surely crush it out of existence.

Why This Is Nonsense: Google owns the world. What I mean is that Google owns your website ranking, so they control your business. I believe their model is to eventually connect everyone via Google Glass and Google+, moving social networking into the real world space. That’s faster growth that any of the other networks have planned.

Google+ is a much hated platform because it belongs to Google – a once cool company that has become a powerhouse, and therefore an enemy. But it’s important to note that Google is the company forging new paths in hardware and software technology, and that realistically they are going to be around for a very long time. Time to align with them, while you can!

Why do you hate Google Plus? Or do you know of another reason why people should not hate Google Plus?

About John Souza

John Souza is founder and chief strategist of SMMU and Social Media Impact, and is a bestselling business author. He won the 2011 Tech Marketing Awards ‘Social Media Marketer of the Year’ and most recently the About.com Reader’s Choice Award for Best Online Education Site. John has appeared on The Michael Gerber Show, and his business has been honored at the Mashable Awards, Forbes Business Awards and The Stevie Awards.
  • disqus_2EUIfoNkfJ

    I thought there was something here until I read #3. Facebook’s popularity may be waning, but only when tracking its progress from its peak (that peak that is so high that no other social media site at their peak can even compare). And Google+’s popularity may be on the rise, but only because, hey, when you’re pretty much the worst social media project around, there’s nowhere to go but up. And as for privacy, all I can say is HA! In the first two points you state that Google already knows everything there is to know about us. Is that what you consider privacy?

  • http://csgv.org/ Buck Turgidson

    The stated intention of this article was to refute the most common reasons for hating google+. For me, the effect was exactly the opposite. I now hate google+ more than ever, and I also have a newfound hatred of google in general. This has given me added incentive to cut myself free from google altogether. http://www.ghacks.net/2014/07/02/slow-withdrawal-things-google/


      I couldnt agree more. I hate other search engines but im done with google Im officially changing my search engine to something that isnt ruled by greed.

    • JasonEnzoD

      Exactly – nothing worse than a shill telling us why we shouldn’t dislike something.

  • vp

    Its not the fact that they know everything about me that bothers me, its the fact that they want to share it with the world that bothers me. What if I just want a damn handle to post comments on youtube that doesn’t get set to my email alias that shows up when I send email to my clients?

    • davevvv

      Agreed! The author also didn’t mention that once you sign up for Google Plus everyone in your contact list that has a Google+ account gets pinged. So you may be thinking that you’re signed up for Google Plus anonymously but surprise surprise, Google is telling a whole bunch of people about it. Google is slowly becoming their slogan, “Don’t be – – Evil–.”

      It’s pretty weak, I just found out that you can’t rate an Android app in the Play Store without signing up for Google Plus.

  • Daniel Hjort

    I love Google+
    Its just sad none og My friends do.

    • Satanic_Panic

      That’s cause your a fag.

  • Katherine Boman

    Were you paid by Google to write this?

    I hate Google+ for many reasons. One of them is that I have a Blogger blog, and when people leave comments on my blog I cannot make comments on their blog if it ONLY accept Google+ accounts. I refuse to have a Google+ account because when I did it tried desperately to make my blog a Google+ only comment site. That is unacceptable. I want everyone to comment on my blog, except anonymously.

    Of course, for a long time they demanded we use our real names on our Google+ accounts. That completely defeated the purpose of an anonymous blog!

  • liz joseph

    true dat true dat

  • # PJparker

    I wanted to delete one of three accounts. I ended up deleting all three. But wait, no, GOOGLE WILL NOT ALLOW THE DELETE OF ANY ACCOUNT.


  • # PJparker

    Oh, and btw, where is the phone number to call Google when you need help?

    Oh yeah, THERE IS NONE. They don’t want to hear from the customer.

    • Ryusuke

      Google phone support
      c’mon, do your research before commenting.


    Fluff you Google just FLUFF YOU.. Google chat was the only good thing you had going. O.K. remembering all my bookmarks and what not is great and all. “BIG BROTHER” Yea spy on us some more. But seriously. Why do you have to disable “Google talk” or “Google chat” Whatever you want to call it. It was the only way I was able to get an important message to my wife at work. Now its impossible. Thanks for making us buy phones to send a txt. You’re a bunch of JERKS. What freaking mess. I hope you go under. which you wont because you are a ridiculous monopoly. I’m refraining from calling you every name in the book right now. This is what happens when greedy jerks get too greedy. One million dollars isn’t enough. we have to have more and we have to let the government rule us. We cant think for ourselves anymore we have inventors think for us.


      I will also be uninstalling CHROME. Thank goodness for Opera.

  • Stickyfrog

    I am still pissed that my youtube channel is linked to Google+ and if I want to delete my google+ profile I will also lose my youtube channel and gmail. That is the kind of thing that makes them evil and makes people hate them.

    • https://rickyboyce.com Ricky

      Don’t understand why engineers coupled all the products to a single account. I cannot invest in a mess like that. Good thing though their business pages can move between accounts.

  • Real Name

    I just hate it because every time I look at it I have absolutely no idea what the hell I’m looking at.

    It just looks like a mess and everything is overcomplicated. That and we have tech nerd google dickriders constantly talking down to everyone that doesn’t like it.

  • absp

    Don’t review local businesses on google maps. It is visible from your Google plus account. For instance, if you give your doctor a review, anyone who sees your google plus account can read it unless you know to make the reviews private. Do people need to know who your doctor is and where he is located? That could be dangerous information in the wrong hands. Bad on Google!

  • Hatshepsut

    hummmm…”Get over it” is bad advice for a product that was intended to be open platform for comments, discussions and opinions (yes even rude, stupid, impolite, and – dare I say it – offensive comments). Here’s an idea; screw you google+ . It’s time to switch to another search engine…

    • Ryusuke

      What, Bing? duckduckgo?

  • Carol Ottinger

    I love Google. Love gmail and love YouTube but HATE Google + with a passion. My only “friends” on Facebook is my family. Why would anyone want a bunch of people snooping in their posts all the time? Never could figure that one out. I’m not into snooping friends and not into snooping search engines!

  • Cashton Clemmings (Tori)

    I don’t care what you say, I actually like Google Plus. There is little mess there

  • Kim P

    How do I get noticed on google plus? I feel like it is a web page just for my eyes only. I have joined circles, maybe I did it wrong. Please explain how to get people to follow me to my web page and buy art.

  • D M

    Google+ did something that angered a lot of people. It forced people to use a service they did not want and then it was connected to things that worked fine for them until it came along. I was incensed when google+ forced me to use ONE email account. I felt like I was living a page out of 1984, the book.

  • juju

    I HATE GOOGLE+ more than I hate anything else.. it keeps uploading my photos and the feature is turned off.. like wtf? My photos are locked and its like hacking into my phone to steal my photos… I hate this and you should just STFU and stop forcing everyone to like this crap… I am so glad that there are others that hate it as much as I do…

  • Contrast

    at least on Google+ I don’t receive friend requests daily from angst ridden teens who cut themselves and post pictures of it online because their life is “so bad”. Seriously Facebook you need a way to get rid of them. And they aren’t the aren’t even the worst of it…

    Even if you don’t use Google+ for socializing and only use it for your YouTube account then just give the account a random name, don’t fill in the bio and your privacy is safe and you will never have to go on Google+ again. Simple and nearly effortless. There’s no need for all this rage when with a few button clicks you’ll find not much has changed from how it originally was.

  • Stephen Peter Phillipd

    The main annoying feature for me is that when someone replies to your comments, there is no direct way (link) to see the other persons comments without sometimes scrolling through hundreds of other comments just to see the one you want, the only options they give you in an obvious location, is how to block or report a comment, totally confusing and time wasting interface IMHO.

  • Jack Corbyn

    I think the privacy is an issue for a lot of people but I think the biggest issue is how difficult it is to navigate each area of Google. On Facebook everything is all integrated, newsfeed, messages, profile, all accessible from the same page. I think if Google plus was more an integral part of the general Google environment it’d be a more popular social network.

  • Satanic_Panic

    Stick your tongue a little farther up googles ass, loser.

  • Ryusuke

    I think we should all shut up and use Disqus for everything,
    right guys?

  • Joestar

    Yeah this was made over two years ago but G+ isn’t a fail product since currently it has over 111 million active users.

  • JPeltosaari

    Google (more like JEWGLE) sucks ass. Use duckduckgo.com instead. No one should use Google, all they care about is money. They don’t give a shit about your privacy. DuckDuckGo does by not giving a shit about every single personal detail about you.. also, they don’t force people to use some shitty Facebook clone. DuckDuckGo even looks better than Google – Google looks like it was designed by a retarded monkey who was forced to come up with something as ugly as possible. You do not want to know what I would do to the Google CEO. (If I told, I would have been arrested by now).

  • Rymen196

    Google plus is very important for the education of students, it has many benefits for the students education, it allows users to video chat with up to 10 people in real time and for free, it is one of the best platforms for team work, when students upload photos these are automatically arrange in to album.

  • Bone Headed

    GOOGLE IS EVIL period.

  • Adam Greenan

    I hate google plus, cause it ghost bans you if you actually dare to use it

  • Lilla_Gubben

    Always hated g+ and will always hate. Sends me photos and shit from morons i do not know. FUCK IT.

  • Mum Nyan

    Watch me say an opinion and get people like ”WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?”

    My opinion on google plus: I enjoy it.
    And.. i don’t give a shit if people tell me they didn’t ask for my opinion 😀

  • Mel Rupp

    “Article” Summary: They already own your ass, so quit your bitching and submit already.

  • Sumaya

    Am I the only one that likes it? I mean it has communities to focus on one certain thing polls to put up for questions and you can put pictures in the comments and it’s till getting better so quit your whining

  • Hugh McKay

    I dont like G+ simply because it. seems counterintuitive, Oh, and am an old dude who has no friends to join me in a circle!!!

  • Markus

    2017, John Souza has probably killed himself. Nice try tho


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