5 Reasons Twitter is Becoming Essential to the Stock Market

By on October 23, 2014

Have you ever used social media channels to gain a competitive edge in the stock market? Did you even think it was possible? Well you might be surprised to learn that social sites, especially Twitter, can provide great insights that can help increase your success 강아지음악 다운로드.

Up until two years ago the financial services industry was unsure of Twitter. In fact, wary of regulations, many avoided the platform altogether Objectaid.

But times are changing, and now financial services players have jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. So why the change of heart? Why are traders flocking to the Twitterverse 크리스마스 캐롤 무료?

Let’s take a look at five key reasons why Twitter has become such an invaluable tool for those in the trading game…

1.     It’s immediate

The stock market is so volatile that it changes in seconds, so having an edge on other traders can make a big difference Download Ripos. With mobiles, people can live tweet events, as many journalists do, meaning you’re never more than a few seconds behind.

reason one

2.     Everyone has it

255 million is a lot of people Download the movie Martyrdom. Twitter is effectively a huge database of trending thoughts that traders can learn from. And it’s not just how many people, but who they are. “If you follow the right 20 – 30 people in the trading and financial markets area” said Zak Mir of Spreadbet Magazine, “then you should be fully informed in terms of what to think, what to trade and when to trade it 기적의 피아노 다운로드. Yes, Twitter is that good.”

Take a look at five accounts that amateur traders should follow:

reason two

(From l-to-r) Financial Times (Business and economic news), Nouriel Roubini (Professor of Economics), Spread Co (Daily Market Updates and Financial News), Jim Cramer (Host of ‘Mad Money’), Dina Medland (Journalist for Independent/Jorbes)

 3.     It’s approved

The ‘blue tick’ gives reassurance that the person we’re following is legitimate Download the secret of the Fire Emblem crest. You can’t ask to be verified; users are chosen by Twitter, which has led to some speculation on how useful it is. Nonetheless having at least some sign of approval is useful in an industry where fraud and misinformation are a serious risk Puppet.

reason three

 4.     It’s a round-up

Traditionally tips on changes in the market have come through traditional media outlets 인감증명서 위임장. Social media gathers everything in one place. Newspapers, journalists and word of mouth are all accounted for.

Further innovations like ‘Tweetdeck’ mean we can separate our feeds in to industry specific niches to keep work and play separate and avoid distractions 루인스 다운로드.

reason four

5.     It matters

There is evidence that the public’s attitude – or sentiment – on Twitter, actually affects the stock market. The graph below shows how, in just one day the ups and downs of public sentiment caused the same changes in the stock market. Developers have picked up on this, creating apps like Wall Street Birds, which analyses the mood on Twitter to inform people’s trading choices.

reason five

How do you use social media to gain a competitive edge in the stock market? Let us know in the comments section.

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